Gaming Looking for 18+ year old gamers to play with mostly PC Gmod, Dead by daylight & many more

Hey i want some cool people to colab with need to be 18+ have xbox or pc and must have a good mic Hit me up ill add you on skype we can see if we fit :) i have tons of games and can get more i like shooters have minecraft and some party games like ultimate chicken horse <- very fun
Hey madhatter we have a group of youtubers that do collabs on a discord channel if you might be interested. There are about 6 of us. We do collabs when ever anyone want to record something. Looking for more people to join.

We are doing games like GMOD, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Cards Against Humanity. We are adding more stuff to out library to play if you want to join.
Hey, we love Dead by Daylight, totally down to collab on that. Our Skype is under the same name, we're not quite 18 (we're all 16-18) and we got decent mics, let us know
Damn, one year shy of the requirement. All is good, though! Good luck with your channel!

P.S You should probably fix your channel link so people can check you out as well!
Yeah man, message me on my channell if the offer is still up. I can make a video or two, or at least record one, in the next few hours.