1. M

    Gaming (PC ONLY) (18+) 100+ Subscribers Discord recording crew.

    Before i begin to explain what im talking about, I will tell you the requirements for this crew. Requirements: 18 years old+(special exceptions for 16-17) 100+ Subscribers Have Discord. Have good microphone quality. Upload weekly or more. Be Respectful to everyone we record with be funny (dont...
  2. icanglqueen

    Gaming Female Gamer Looking for Collab Friends 18+

    I'm a female gamer, 31 yrs old and have been youtubing for around 5 yrs now. I have 123 subs and took a long break from my channel for my own reasons. I'm getting ready to start things up again, I already recorded a couple of things. I haven't done gameplay stuff in a long time now due to lack...
  3. R

    Gaming [13:00-17:00 EST] Looking for someone to collaborate - 18+

    Hello, I'm 18 years old and I do speak German and English. I have been on YouTube as a creator for several years now and gathered some experience doing so. As I'm working as a programmer I have been mostly doing Tutorials and videos of self-created games. I own a very good microphone and a...
  4. J

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft YouTuber to Collaborate with. (PC 16+)

    Hello, my name is Jared or Joru, as referred to by my YouTube name. I am currently looking for a Minecraft YouTuber with over 300+ subscribers and a decent mic and is very fluid on a schedule. Interests are Skywars, Bedwars, and MiniGames. You would need to be 16+ you can contact on my Twitter...

    Gaming Starting a serious gaming community/business

    Hi, fellow YouTube enthusiast! My name is Christian Karström, I'm a family man, I live in Sweden and I'm 27. I've done YouTube for 3 years in the past an had a peak at 500k+ views per month. I left that channel for a few months due to personal reasons but now I want to get back to it in a bit...
  6. Basic Gamer

    Gaming I would like to meet a few fellow YT hosts that enjoy same games as me.

    Hey guys as you probably can already tell I am looking for a couple of YouTube Partners to Collaborate with. If you are interested in a Fun/Serious gaming channel then you have come to the right place. I only started YT here recently as a hobby through college. I currently Have 9 subs. And if...
  7. ICEMonk71

    Gaming Looking for mature people to collab with and maybe become good friends

    Hello there I am Jack, or on the interwebs known as Zatrael (was formerly ICEMonk) I am wondering if anyone wants to collab with me? It doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl, as long as you're happy having fun, and like to game with others :) and it doesn't matter if you make videos or...
  8. BDKYoutube

    Gaming PS4 or PC

    Hey everyone, I've been collabing with some people now for about a year now and I'm looking for some more people. I play PS4 (Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, Uncharted 4) and also PC (CS:GO, CAH) No subscriber limit but I would like people who are mature, who can take a joke and are not easily offended.
  9. N

    Gaming Looking for collab partner/s (Rocket League and/or Rust mainly)

    Heey guys, I am looking to get some collaborations going and start doing Youtube again. I intend to be playing mainly Rocket League and Rust for a start. (examples of channels I enjoy would be the F2 Rocket League clan and Zuckles/Soup kind of stuff for rust) I was thinking we'd start off by...
  10. A

    Gaming Community for pc gamers collaberations/friends

    Hi there me and my friends have a discord channel for youtubers who are looking to make friends and work together to have fun on youtube. Were not here for a one show rodio we would like people who want to grow togehter and work togheter. we do have some age restrictions due to our age most of...
  11. TheMadHatter

    Gaming Looking for 18+ year old gamers to play with mostly PC Gmod, Dead by daylight & many more

    Hey i want some cool people to colab with need to be 18+ have xbox or pc and must have a good mic Hit me up ill add you on skype we can see if we fit :) i have tons of games and can get more i like shooters have minecraft and some party games like ultimate chicken horse <- very fun
  12. A

    Gaming PC gamers collab ? Gmod, CSGO, Minecraft and pretty much anything

    Hey guys, so me and my friend are looking for some people to collab with. I'm 19 and he's 22 so a basic requirement which we are looking for is at least 18+. UK based or European based timezones are recommended but if you don't live in the gmt timezone, it isn't a tiebreaker. We can work...
  13. Surrendead

    Gaming (PC) 18+ Gaming for fun Group

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the youtube community and although my channel is old (like me, I'm 21 haha), I only started uploading very recently. Im just looking for a group of friends to play some various games with. I'm open to every kind of game although personally you'll see me on battlefield 1...
  14. Boltz

    Gaming Looking for 18+ age people to colab with in youtube videos

    Hey i want some cool people to colab with need to be 18+ have xbox or pc and must have a good mic Hit me up ill add you on skype we can see if we fit :-) i have tons of games and can get more i like shooters have minecraft and some party games like ultimate chicken horse <- very fun
  15. Volterink

    Gaming 17/18 +, PS4/PC

    Hi guys im looking to do future collabs with people as it says you must be atleast 17 and play PS4/PC Leave a message below if your interested
  16. TSR Viking

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with (18+) PC

    Hey there, I am looking for people to play with, and make videos with and to have a laugh with! The games I play mostly are battlefield 1, CS:GO and dead by daylight, but I have alot of other games also, but too many to write here haha, contact me if you are interested! :) I am 20 by the way
  17. UltraNationOfficial

    Gaming >We're looking to Collaborate! Wanna' join us? (PC & PlayStation Exclusive)< Let's have a Laugh! xD

    Hey everyone! xD Are you looking for real-friends to collaborate with? so are we! We're aiming high-in-the-sky! for some beautiful people to join us on our quest to entertain the world; whilst having a laugh too (of course!) :winkphones: Don't be shy. We're looking for people who won't just sit...