Gaming Looking for 18+ age people to colab with in youtube videos

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Hey i want some cool people to colab with need to be 18+ have xbox or pc and must have a good mic Hit me up ill add you on skype we can see if we fit :) i have tons of games and can get more i like shooters have minecraft and some party games like ultimate chicken horse <- very fun
hey man my skype is xgamedude77 the screen name will be g-rat and it will have the same logo i have on here i dont have any vids up at the moment i hope thats not an issue iv just been looking for people to record with that are around my age im 21 and would love to see if we hit it off and work well together
Yeah the plan was for my second channel more adult stuff funny moments shooters party games just other stuff
Hey I would love to see if we work well together. I'm a twenty year old youtuber and can play any game you would like. :) My Skype name is KSwische. ❤️
Hey Boltz, I would love to collab with you sometime, im up for any games and im 21 from the US, although not sure if you have any requirements for subscriber count, I just started very recently!

Skype: kenwenboi
Steam: Mr. Clutch (I changed it recently so it might be Surrendead now) it should have my real name listed as Kenneth Wen though
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