Gaming I would like to meet a few fellow YT hosts that enjoy same games as me.

Basic Gamer

Hey guys as you probably can already tell I am looking for a couple of YouTube Partners to Collaborate with. If you are interested in a Fun/Serious gaming channel then you have come to the right place. I only started YT here recently as a hobby through college. I currently Have 9 subs. And if that is to low for you I understand don't sweat it. But if not and you like my content on the channel HMU.

Here is a quick list of some of the games that I really enjoy to play.
- Player Unknown Battlegrounds.
- World of Warships.
- BeamNG Drive.
- Grand Theft Auto 5.
- Rainbow Six Siege.
- And I can possibly look into getting games that you really enjoy to play.

Only things that I say would be Required is...

1. Be 18+ and be actively posting and playing.
2. Have a goal of growing your channel with me.
3. Please have a decent mic setup.
4. At least have a couple of the games I list that we could play.
5. Has Team-speak 3 or Discord.
6. Finally have a great and perky attitude.
7. Please speak great English, and be able to play on American servers without major difficulty or huge latency difference.