I've Got It
Before i begin to explain what im talking about, I will tell you the requirements for this crew.
  1. 18 years old+(special exceptions for 16-17)
  2. 100+ Subscribers
  3. Have Discord.
  4. Have good microphone quality.
  5. Upload weekly or more.
  6. Be Respectful to everyone we record with
  7. be funny (dont have to be all the time)
  8. Be active
  9. dont rage quit (you can if its funny tho)
  10. Good edited vidieos-thumbnail
  11. Be supportive.
  12. NO COMING BACK TO YOUTUBE CHANNELS... (Channels that stopped uploading for a long period of time.)
Again, Only if you pass all these requirements, you will be able to join me and my friends.

So the vanoss crew or "banana bus squad" is known for mostly funny moments. I am trying to collect YouTubers that are funny but serious at times too. People with the skill to make good edited videos and make to best of the content they have. Of course, if you do meet the requirements I will try to help you edit maybe a little better if you are struggling. I want people that strive to make a better and better video after each one they upload.

If you meet the requirements: Add me on Discord: MellishGaming#9650