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  1. M

    Gaming (PC ONLY) (18+) 100+ Subscribers Discord recording crew.

    Before i begin to explain what im talking about, I will tell you the requirements for this crew. Requirements: 18 years old+(special exceptions for 16-17) 100+ Subscribers Have Discord. Have good microphone quality. Upload weekly or more. Be Respectful to everyone we record with be funny (dont...
  2. B

    Request Need a dope intro and some channel art, I'm a minecraft you tuber. (Paid)

    If anyone wants to help me out add me on skype, danny_8142 Thanks!
  3. KingTricky

    Gaming Want to collab on Minecraft and League of Legends :)

    Hi ! I'm 16 years old boy from Bulgaria ( Also speak English !) and I wanna collab with 100 + subscribers channels. Games : Minecraft and League of Legends ! I wanna grow with someone who make good quality contents . You must be 13 + years old ! And here is my email for connection ...