100+ subscribers

  1. M

    Gaming (PC ONLY) (18+) 100+ Subscribers Discord recording crew.

    Before i begin to explain what im talking about, I will tell you the requirements for this crew. Requirements: 18 years old+(special exceptions for 16-17) 100+ Subscribers Have Discord. Have good microphone quality. Upload weekly or more. Be Respectful to everyone we record with be funny (dont...
  2. Eddy Molina

    100+ Subscribers! Never thought I'd get there!

    Thank you too any one here who has helped me get there! I been getting great feed back on most of my reviews and I love to interact with the people that comment. It definitely took me a really long time to get there but I'm just glad that some people pushed me to get there and I didn't quit...
  3. Jemuhni

    100 Subs! WOOO!

    Just got 100 Subs this week! and I have to mention that 4 of them that carried me over the line came from people I met on this forum when I signed up this week! Thanks so much... Below I put some info about myself. Please message me if you have similar interests I love meeting new YouTubers! My...