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Sep 9, 2016
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Hi there me and my friends have a discord channel for youtubers who are looking to make friends and work together to have fun on youtube. Were not here for a one show rodio we would like people who want to grow togehter and work togheter.

we do have some age restrictions due to our age most of us are around 20 years old so you have to be 19+ we will be happy to talk to anyone 18 or around there, this is due to us wanting to work with people we can relat to and who have similer age experiance.

we also need people based in the same time zone we are based in the uk and europe, so being from there helps! this is just so we can hang out and collab without having to stay up till 4am

lastly we are here to make a community not for a get rich quick
group or instant sucsess, we know that it takes a lot of work and time so I hope this sounds like the right group for you.

p.s we do not mind what sized channel you are , as ourselves have been doing it for a while but we are still small youtubers.

skype: Always_Tea_Time