1. C

    10,000 Calorie Challenge Collaboration

    Hi! I am fairly new to YouTube with only two video so far which are more educational and introductory than anything. I want to do the 10,000 calorie challenge to add a bit of entertainment value to the channel, but I thought that the video might be more entertaining to do it with someone who...
  2. Captainblammo

    Gaming Looking for youtube gaming people to do collabs with!

    I would prefer someone in the age range of 14-19 (I'm 15) I play on PC only, and am not a competitive gamer by any means. I prefer to do comedy videos, usually with 2 or more people. I dont have any requirements on subs and views or anything (I'm very small myself) so don't worry about that too...
  3. A

    Comedy Podcast collab

    Hello I run a new channel doing podcasts talking about the things you are passionate about. If you have that come join me every Monday and Thursday at 6.30pm so come talk to me about what you love. Hope to hear from you soon The Giant
  4. S

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers!!!

    Working on getting a collaboration going here. Looking for 2 more people. I have 1 already, both of us are new to YouTube. The collaboration can be any game really. Me and my partner plan to have Ark Survival Evolved, and then some more obscure games as well. Requirements: *Must have Discord...
  5. K

    Vlog Looking for Collab near Atlanta Ga

    Hey guys i'm currently approaching 100 subscribers in the 3 months I have been on youtube and I'm very passionate about it. I make travel videos, vlogs, and cinematic videos. If anyone is interested in collaborating near Atlanta or has another idea, just leave a reply and we can talk about it...
  6. Ceriv

    Gaming Want a gaming group

    Alright I am Sean i'm 15 years old looking for people who like to have fun in games or just talking. I don't care what gender and age you are mainly i'm focused on that we can get along and get more friends along the way. Gaming platforms i'm on are pc and playstaion and love sandbox, strategy...
  7. YTParadox

    Gaming Looking for PC Fortnite Collab

    Hey check me out and let me know if you want to collab, Im on PC and I mainly streams and play fortnite. I can do short term collabs or long terms depending on the situation. My twitter : @patrick_do3 Discord : paradox_rn#8361
  8. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for people to join our Community and grow with us!

    Hello there, my bestfriend and I are looking for people to Collaborate with us and join our Community, Currently we play Fortnite and Minecraft but we can still figure stuff out. We want to grow with people and become bestfriends with people and grow through these years on YouTube. One day we...
  9. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming PC/PS4 Funny Moments Gaming Group

    I am looking for a group of around 4-8 people to Have fun and record videos together! i want it to be like Vanoss' group with delirious etc... and be based around the same games they play. I have around 29 subscribers but anyone can join no matter the amount of subs you have! we can play on both...
  10. J1-TheQuestion

    Gaming Looking for PS4 COD WWII players to collab with 18+

    I am looking for some PS4 Call of Duty WWII players to collab with. If you are interested my gamer tag is J1-TheQuestion. If you do send me a friend request make sure you put in your message that you saw this thread so I will know to add you. My YouTube channel name is thatguyvonte!
  11. EthelredFlametail

    Gaming [Dead line ended]12+ Shadow the hedgehog review

    warning this game contains moderate violence and bad language! Hello, everyone, I am Ethelred Flametail. I would like to ask you for help. I would like people to record a short review of shadow the hedgehog or you can talk to me about shadow the hedgehog, the game review or the talking...
  12. The Cherrii Family

    Anybody Interested in doing a long distance collab??

    Hey guys, We are new to the YouTube world and would love to start doing collabs with other channels. Our channel is a family channel. We do vlogs, pranks, and challenges. Sadly, in Fl, I'm realizing there aren't a lot of YouTubers that are just starting out. I would love to do a collab wether it...
  13. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Looking to play/Record with people [PC]

    Hi im roosterdcosta and im a new youtuber who wants to find people to have fun with but have a competitive spirit. I probably wont start recording till month or so since im saving up for the correct equipment but will gladly be in someones videos. i mostly play competitive FPS games but want to...
  14. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Im a small YouTuber who wants to play games seriously but also have fun with friends Personally i wont start recording till a couple months since i gotta save up for equipment but will be happy to be in other peoples videos. im not really looking for vanoss type group but a group of people who...
  15. K

    Gaming Looking for ps4 gamers female and male to be YouTube friends with and collab

    I mostly play like 2k Wwe A little overwatch Friday the 13th Naruto Destiny Warfare Nba live Battlefield 1 Rocket league (for fun) But down to play other games Just want to find people who wants to have fun on YouTube but not just guys I want to have a diversity it doesn't have to be a group...
  16. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Destiny 2 + Other Games Collab (PS4) (PC)

    Im a Youtube Creator Who just wants to Have fun making Videos. My channel is going to be based around Destiny 2 But i will play any other game if you want. I used to have a channel of about 100 subscriber but took a break and have now made a new channel (Hence why i have 1 subscriber) Im 15 and...
  17. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Looking for a PC/PS4 Collab

    Looking for some chill people to have fun with a create good content No major requirement other then be 13+ year old (Im 15) I used to make Funny moment videos but took a break (Thats why i have no videos on my channel) On PC i play: GTA V Overwatch H1Z1 PUBG Destiny 2 (Maybe) On PS4 i play...
  18. Roosterdcosta


    Hi I'm RuiDC and I'm looking for 2-5 people to record, play with and have fun on games. Requirements: Age 13+ (I'm 15) Have a PS4 or PC Have some of the games I have Games I play on PS4: GTA V, Rocket league, Destiny 2 (when it comes out) Warframe, BloodBorne, Terraria, Minecraft (but I won't...
  19. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Looking For people to play with on PS4/PC

    Im a small youtuber who just wants to have fun on PS4 and PC with people My only main requirement is that you be 13+ yr. (Im 15) On PS4 I play games like: Bloodborne GTA V and Destiny 2 (When it comes out) On PC I play games like: Darksouls 3 GTA V Overwatch Minecraft (But i wont do videos on...
  20. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming Looking for people to play and do videos with (PS4) (PC)

    Im a 15 year old gamer who just wants to find some people to play with and have fun with There are no Requirements just want to have some fun! On PS4 i play games like: GTA Bloodborne Call of duty On PC i play games like: Dark souls 3 GTA Overwatch And im getting PUBG soon hope to play with you!
  21. OfficialAuxiliary

    Commentary Looking for YouTuber wanting success.

    Hello fellow YouTuber, If you are looking for people to collaborate with stop right here. I have put together a team of hard working YouTubers just like you, and have made it easy to gain real success fast and the only way to do that in today's day in age on YouTube is to help each other out...
  22. P

    Gaming Looking for fellow mobile or pc stragety gamer partners.

    Hi guys i'm a new and upcoming youtuber who's trying to grow his channel. Anyone with the knowledge could check out my video's and give me some advice on how I could improve my channel. I'm also interested in doing collabs with anyone who's interested in the same game genre as me. I play mostly...
  23. OfficialAuxiliary

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers; Microphone and Software required!

    If your looking for a professional, easy going YouTuber to play most PC video games with, then you are in luck. Examples: Call of Duty GTA V MMO Games and whatever is trending. Simply add me on Discord: Auxiliary#6757Forgot to add: Requirements: Microphone, Decent Spec Computer, Discord (Free...
  24. Chaz

    Gaming Looking For Collabs Over Many Different Games! (PC)

    Hey guys! I recently starting picking up my channel again after coming back from college and I am in need of people who want to collab. My schedule is pretty busy since I work a full time job, but I will try my best to find an opening where we can record. If interested let me know down below if...
  25. Keg Man

    Gaming Looking for a Football Manager Collab maybe!?

    So as the title describes, i'm looking to do a football manager collaboration. Maybe with one person or if we can find a group maybe go for 8 people. The idea is we go with the fantasy draft feature. We have 2 groups for a round robin with a best of 3 for each match and then go through to a semi...
  26. Rozcoe

    Animation In need of Artists

    Hey guys my name is Rozcoe. I am creating my very own animated web series on YouTube. I already have a team for scripts and musicians working on the soundtrack. What I am looking for is concept artists and background artists. I'm not just looking for professionals, so if you're somewhat good...
  27. _SlenderVision_

    Gaming Base@24 Youtube Group Colloberation

    Collaboration Base@24 Requirements 1. Must Have Discord 2. Must be older then 13 3. Maturity must be eligible to work with but meaning that I mean don't be annoying in general unless your just joking XD 4. Be able to have a pc or some working console like xbox one or ps4. But mostly a Pc 5...
  28. Nate MeatySauce

    Gaming Looking For Some Awesome Channels To Collab With!!!

    Hello Everyone!!! So I have a gaming channel on youtube called MeatyBunch and lately iv'e been wanting to connect with people more and building a kind of community. So a great way to meet new people and form a community is with collabs. If anyone has a youtube channel with some good quality...
  29. MajesticBox

    Gaming Looking For PS4 Gamers To Do Funny Moments

    Hey guys so to start off I want to do a GTA 5 collab. I want to do funny moments. So to start off you need a ps4. Be at a mature age. Have a sense of humor. If you have any game ideas for the collab just send me a message and I'll see if we can do that. Hope to see you there. You can add me on...
  30. KingPug

    Gaming Looking For A Minecraft Collab Friend

    Hey my names Ryan im 14 (15 in a month) and im looking for someone to collab with I have a video up right now of and I would be looking to play minecraft as that all my computer can record but if you have a channel and want to record i have other games like CSGO GTAV and Gmod. I hope if you...