Gaming PS4 or PC


Hey everyone,

I've been collabing with some people now for about a year now and I'm looking for some more people.

I play PS4 (Battlefield 1, FIFA 17, Uncharted 4) and also PC (CS:GO, CAH)

No subscriber limit but I would like people who are mature, who can take a joke and are not easily offended.
Ps4? My pc broke so cant do anything that side now ;( i have bf1 if u want to make a few vids on it or just a one off. Gets boring on my own so hit e up if interested skype and psn is tavros_evolve
I have PC FIFA 17 only (not sure if you have it or not), I only have 38 subs, but would be up for collabing on FIFA or CAH!
I mainly do Destiny videos but I do love playing BF1 on PS4! Check out my channel and see if you wanna collab!
I'd be more than happy too :)
hey i dont have many subs but i get a decent amount of views so anytime you wanna play hit me up we can play some BF1 or U4