1. C

    Gaming Looking for a collab to play apex with

    Hello, I'm a small creator on YouTube like lots here and I'm looking to see if anyone wants to do a collab playing apex probably. I play it on PS4 and might not be the best of players but please hear me out. Reach out to me if you are interested and either message my discord account...
  2. R

    Gaming Looking to make a PS4 Youtube Group!

    I'm looking to start up a group of youtubers on PS4 - no matter how small or big you are you can message me!! If you're interested in this type of comedy - - then add me on PS4. Also to note I don't want to play with anyone who is young because I'd prefer to play with people who are older, so...
  3. I

    apex warzone Minecraft gta pc ps4

    Hi I’m looking for people to collab with Last time I made this post I was at 253 that was like 2 or 3 days ago I’m at 263 now so I’m not big but I feel like I’m growing at a good pace and wanna grow with other people while I do that? Copy and paste this link and when you get to my video and...
  4. I


    Hey! If anyone here thinks they’re super good at building I’m hosting a build a city event soon! Minecraft ps4 reply for discord and details
  5. A

    Gaming Looking for collab! on ps4

    Hey, I am looking for long term collab friends! I just started 2 weeks ago and small channel. Looking for to grow up together! Mainly playing Black ops series and COD on ps4 add me on: Acane_Gaming ps4 age: 20+ mature
  6. X

    Collab (Ps4 only)

    I got 40 subscribers, any one that may be have decent amount of subs like 250-5,000 range wanna do a ps4 collab with me i am doing a Friday the 13th series. The link below is my channel also im a girl gamer and Iam just starting out im 20 yrs old. my psn is: mrslunalightfury
  7. RenOperative

    Gaming Variety Gaming / Nerd Culture Search For Collaboration| 18+ | Consistency

    What’s up people of the internet!? My name is Renegade Operative and I am the co-host of a channel currently at 890 subscribers. Once again, we’re extensively searching for gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a gaming group centered on nerd culture. One of the...
  8. GiggaVega

    Please review my Live stream Black Ops 3

    It has been a few months since I did a live stream. I did my first one last night playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It's one of the only multyplayer games I partake in because the community is so great on PS4. I would like some feedback about how you guys feel about the way I engage &...
  9. Sir_Swif

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    Hey everyone. I just created a new gaming channel recently and would like to find people to record some funny gaming videos with. I have Xbox, PS4 and PC and I'm always down to try out some new games as well. The games I play are Call of Duty, some Rainbow Six Siege here and there, Destiny 2 on...
  10. CrazyDocPhoenix

    Gaming PS4 collaboration

    I just wanna make funny sikes with someone, whose also don’t mind throwing in a lot of witty jokes here and there. I’m 19 years old Not into sports games.
  11. CO2ACID

    Gaming (PS4)GTA 5 funny moment and ****** around group (long term)

    I had a YouTube Channel I started posting GTA videos with my friends and tried to make a recording group with them but they didn’t know how to use basic video recording software...anyways I would love to start recording videos again with people. got a very dark sense of humor Don’t care how...
  12. Wadism

    Gaming PS4/PC Funny Moments Group - Looking for a member or two to add!

    Hi guys Me and a couple of my pals are looking for a couple of ACTIVE & CONSISTENT content creators who are interested in joining our group, 'The Winkies' We mainly play PS4, generally focusing around Fallout and soon to be Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare but we're always up for new games and...
  13. CrazyDocPhoenix

    Gaming Ps4, collaboration.

    Hey! You! Yes you over there! I’m definitely not breaking the froth wall here, anyways not really. Let’s start off the introduction, yours truly me is MacMillan and during at this time of the post September the 21th, 2019 that my age is nineteen years old and I want you person that can contact...
  14. Zapadap

    Gaming Looking for PC/PS4 peeps to record with.

    In the process of getting back into YouTube as of right now. I’m not gonna lie, I did take a 2 year hiatus from YT for some reasons, but I’m back and ready to get into the full swing of things with other serious content creators, ready to put smiles on peeps faces. I’m 23 looking for people...
  15. L

    Gaming Funny Moments collab???PS4

    My names littlebigmidge, I have 280 subs and I’m wondering if anybody wants to do some funny moments. I’m pretty funny I think and I’m getting a lot better at editing videos. I play on ps4. I got fortnite, red dead 2, gta, dead by daylight, don’t even think, and siege If you’re down HMU
  16. Dre4drocks

    Gaming Pc/ ps4 funny weekend gamers wanted

    Hi im Droxzy and im looking to get back into youtube, the thing is im not very good at doing solo stuff, i like group dynamic. I was part of a group earlier before i got a job (i still play with them occationally), but they record on weekdays around noon my time. Im looking for people that are...
  17. PoseidonOnYT

    Gaming 18+ Misfits Style PS4 Gaming Group

    Hey guys, my name is Poseidon and I'm looking to keep up a consistent collaboration with a few people on ps4. I'm 20 years old and have been on YouTube for ~7 years, but I've only been serious about it for about 2 years. if you want to give it a peak I play a bunch...
  18. KroniclePlayz

    Gaming PS4 Minecraft Let's Play/Series? And/or A Gaming Group?

    I'm looking for a PS4 player or players who wants to do a Minecraft Let's Play/Series! All the rules are below. This could possibly be a gaming group of some kind and/or a YouTube friend group and we could make a dedicated channel on our group! RULES Please link your channel and talk about...
  19. S

    Gaming PS4 Collaborations

    Hi there, I’m starting out on YouTube (literally 0 sub count) and am looking to make a couple of collaboration videos with other PS4 gamers just to get the ball rolling :D (Get my creative ideas flowing/ not sub boosting) I play Apex mainly but also Minecraft or I can play COD 4 Remastered atm :)
  20. B

    Gaming PS4 crew

    Hello I am from Canada and am looking to get into YouTube but want a group of guys to play with hopefully create something like the misfits or vanoss I am decent at games but like to crack jokes and act like an idiot ages 15+ Games -GTA V -Call of duty -Fortnite -Nhl -Nba 2k - anything you...
  21. cwebxiv

    Gaming Looking to make a ps4 YT group (small youtubers)

    After two years of not uploading ive decided to post on yt again. I've completely started over so i only have the one video from 4 months ago. So far im looking for 3 people. Games i play are: Fortnite Overwatch Minecraft NBA 2k Wwe 2K Borderlands Madden Friday the 13th RDR2 I have more but i...
  22. G

    Feedback for proof of concept...

    We have created a proof of concept for a cinematic machinima series known as The Fixers. THE FIXERS follows a group of charismatic rag-tag assassins in an action-packed adventure as they take on some of the dirtiest contracts the city has to offer. However, after angering a seriously dangerous...
  23. Labour of Gamers

    Gamers can't , Creators can win

    Hi dear people , all we know that everyone need money that is why always with cliche way people choose to jump into the youtube then they are going to put all the needless videos to the youtube then they are keep sending their stupid and meaningless videos to someone they don't know , after a...
  24. Drez

    Gaming Looking for small YouTubers to collaborate with (PS4 and PC)

    Hello there everyone. I'm looking to go back to making YouTube videos again. Currently, I have like 35 subscribers or something from a couple years ago (I know, I'm huge amirite?). I cleaned up my channel and deleted a lot of videos that clustered up the channel and looking to (re)start. The...
  25. F

    Gaming ///// Looking For *PS4* Youtubers /////

    Hello my name is Fancy and my channel is Genix Gaming rn at 227 subs. Looking for other youtube to collaborate with. Im mostly looking for people who play For Honor, Apex and Rainbow Six Siege. My PSN: FancyCharmander *if you friend request me please put Yttalk in the message or else Ill ignore...
  26. S


    Ive been a gaming youtuber now for several months and I think its time to collaborate. I play a lot of fortnite so If you're into fornite let me know and we can play MUSTS have a mic and be decent to talk to enjoy playing fortnite and produce fortnite videos to be able to produce funny content...
  27. Daddy Doovoo

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hey there Folks im looking for a ps4 partner thats funny, trying to grow on YouTube, has a good sense of humor and knows how to edit. If you are interrested hit up my discord Doovoo#6067
  28. Dupylo

    Gaming anyone here play pubg ps4

    aye my psn be Dupylo, add me if u play pubg
  29. Dawayne West

    Gaming PS4 Youtubers

    Hey all I was just looking on here and was wondering if anyone wanna collab on ps4 I've got madden nba live GTA and more I don't have no requirements though as I have a very small channel myself but I'm looking for people to grow with if interested add my PSN and we can work something out Dspaks5898
  30. A


    Hey, looking to collaborate with some people on Gta V and do some races together and make videos or play Fortnite on PC and make some videos on squads or duos. I'm on ps4 and i am level 75 ish for GTA5. i have 266 subs on youtube. I have been playing Fortnite since season 1! Anyone want to...