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Hi dear people , all we know that everyone need money that is why always with cliche way people choose to jump into the youtube then they are going to put all the needless videos to the youtube then they are keep sending their stupid and meaningless videos to someone they don't know , after a while they are keep touching with the people onto the topic that their youtube channle is not related with, I don't understand the people why they are keep acting like this , if you are the kind of person who do like this on youtube for the first time , can you explain the purpose ?
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I don't think this is a milestone thread, so I've moved it to the YouTube chat forum. I think I'm a bit confused about the question -- are you referring to wondering why people post a bunch of spam on YouTube to see if they can "get rich quick?" I'm not sure why people do that, but I think most of them quickly realize their approach doesn't work after a month or two of posting videos with no results...