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I'm a female gamer, 31 yrs old and have been youtubing for around 5 yrs now. I have 123 subs and took a long break from my channel for my own reasons. I'm getting ready to start things up again, I already recorded a couple of things. I haven't done gameplay stuff in a long time now due to lack of partners for collab work, so my recent stuff is mostly mod showcases and chest openings for smite. Time zone is eastern. I'm a night owl, so I'm good to record at night.

I'm mostly a sarcastic individual, but I tend to be very silly in my videos. I have a tendency to start singing random songs on my mind while playing (you can check my old collab videos for proof of this). I'll crack jokes about basically anything, so you'll need to be open minded and not easily offendable. Looking for mature individuals and by mature I mean mentally, if not physically.

Current games I'm playing a lot:

Single Player:
State of Decay
Skyrim SE (Mod Testing)
Fallout 4 (Mod Testing)

Diablo 3
Dead Island
Smite (Not as much anymore, but still sometimes)
The Forest

Games I'd like to start playing and do co-op for:
Dead Island Riptide
Left 4 Dead 1+2
Far Cry 3+4
Saints Row 3+4
Castle Crashers
Resident Evil 6
Path of Exile

If you're interested in collabing, tell me a bit about the games you like to play, your time zone and how often you're available. We can set up a play session to see how well we mesh for humor and gameplay style. :)
I'm interested. eastern time wed & sun always free, work 2nd shift. So night is no problem for me. I play shellshock and black survival the most. want to get into town of salem, do have path of exile, left 4 dead
Cool, I've been itching to play some PoE and L4D. You can add me on steam through my signature link (the button isn't working for some reason). Hope using steam chat isn't an issue for you. I know a lot of people use Discord or Skype now, but I've always been good with the steam chat.
I wouldn't mind doing co-op for L4D 1 or 2 and Saints Row 4, I also have Dead Island 1. Let me know if you are interested. My humor can be a little on the offensive side to some people though... lol I also sing sometimes so don't be surprised if that happens.
Would love to play those games with you G33n0. You can add me on steam (link in my signature, button doesn't work for some reason).
Hi there!
I would love to collaborate with ou sometime! I really love L4D, haven’t gotten it yet but it is something would enjoy playing. Not gonna lie I will be shy at first bu won’t take me long to open up.
I really love L4D, haven’t gotten it yet but it is something would enjoy playing. Not gonna lie I will be shy at first bu won’t take me long to open up.

Add me on steam through sig link and let me know when you pick up L4D! I'm sure there's other stuff we can play too. And don't worry about being shy. I'm still awkward on my videos and I've been doing this for years now. It's good practice at least.
Hey i think it would be awesome to collaborate with you im big on the smite grind right now haha. Only question i have at the moment is what platform you play on?