1. icanglqueen

    Gaming Female Gamer Looking for Collab Friends 18+

    I'm a female gamer, 31 yrs old and have been youtubing for around 5 yrs now. I have 123 subs and took a long break from my channel for my own reasons. I'm getting ready to start things up again, I already recorded a couple of things. I haven't done gameplay stuff in a long time now due to lack...
  2. MultiDragon129

    ✧゚Bloodborne FUNNY MOMENTS - Honor Students ✧゚

    Bloodborne Funny MOMENTS! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey GUYS it's been awhile since i've done a highlights moment so hope you guys have fun with...
  3. Surrendead

    Nuked my Soul - Ultimate Chicken Horse

    A compilation of funny moments I had with a friend while playing this game. As always let me know what you guys think! Any feedback on the subtitles/timing is appreciated!
  4. MultiDragon129


    MERCENARIES UNITED | THEY WANT IT... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey GUYS! back w/ some co-op Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries, this time were going into...
  5. MultiDragon129

    Bloodborne Funny Moments ಠ⌣ಠ (48) | NIGHTMARE FRONTIER

    BLOODBORNE NIGHTMARE FRONTIER --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back for more Bloodborne yet again, this time we explore the lecture hall...
  6. MultiDragon129

    RESIDENT EVIL 5 ARCADE - 200 Sub Hype Co-op FUN! ( ゚ヮ゚)

    MERCENARIES UNITED! (RE5) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEY GUYS! I recently reached 200 subs and I've dedicated a...
  7. CoolWizard22

    Gaming Gaming Collab

    Hi, I'm just starting my channel and looking for a collab partner. They would have to have similar game interest as me, Pokemon, Rocket League, Dungeon Defenders, games like these. With regards to Pokemon, I would like someone to do co-op/vs nuzlockes and nuzlocke variants. Message me on this...

    Gaming [EU] Weekly stream & video collabs for Overwatch, potential podcasts & more! (PC)

    Name: Christian a.k.a. Sajcon Age: 26 Channel: Search for SAJCON on youtube to find my current stuff. (can't post links) Subs: 8,856 Sort of channel: Gaming Channel currently focusing on discussing gaming related topics and Multiplayer titles that personally interests me focused on a bit of...
  9. HavocHall

    30 Subscribers Milestone!- Welcome to HavocHall!

    Hello! We are HavocHall. We are a new channel on Youtube that just hit our first 30 Subscribers earlier this week! We are a "Let's Play" team and we are just getting into the youtube scene. We want to branch out into the community and make cool and interesting content. Please follow us and give...
  10. ninja-boyz

    Gaming Does ANYONE have a good idea for collaboration on PC?

    I have a PC that's not too advanced, but it's above average. I was thinking of doing a Mincraft thing but I don't know if my schedule would work out with others. I also do lots of Pokemon and Digital art, and I'm not really sure how I could do that with another person and use that to be able to...