1. R

    Animation Digital designer and animator looking for a partner to build a YouTube Business

    Hi there, I'm a digital designer and animator looking for a partner to build a long-term business. The goal: Create a channel together Motivations: Why are both of you into this? Money? Fame? Passion? I know what I don't want: fame. I do know what I want: money, get a passive income. Equity...
  2. Aimee Rondeau

    Commentary Collab Partner or Team

    Hello! I have been wanting to start making videos, as well as a possible corresponding podcast, for a long time now but would prefer to do it with a partner or even a small team. My ideas are pretty versatile from sit down talk videos discussing general things and interests, like tv shows...
  3. Aimee Rondeau

    Vlog Vlog Collab or Team

    Hello! I have been wanting to start making videos, as well as a possible corresponding podcast, for a long time now but would prefer to do it with a partner or even a small team. My ideas are pretty versatile from sit down talk videos discussing general things and interests, like tv shows...
  4. I

    How long did it take you to get approved for monetization after reaching 1000 subscriber?

    Hello, I was a youtube parter before they changed the requirements of needing 1000 subscribers. Well I'm currently at 990 subscribers and should reach my goal in the next few days. I'm totally stoked to start making money again (even if its just peanuts again) and can hardly wait. So how...
  5. icanglqueen

    Gaming Female Gamer Looking for Collab Friends 18+

    I'm a female gamer, 31 yrs old and have been youtubing for around 5 yrs now. I have 123 subs and took a long break from my channel for my own reasons. I'm getting ready to start things up again, I already recorded a couple of things. I haven't done gameplay stuff in a long time now due to lack...
  6. Sickotik

    Gaming New Youtubers for Neebs Gaming type channel

    I'm basically new to Youtubing. Been video editing for 12 years. Doing Sound Design for 6. A Musician for 27. I'm 34 years old and would like to start a channel like Neebs Gaming. Just need other people as serious about videography and youtube as I am. Especially people with senses of humor...
  7. Sammie

    Looking for Script Partner

    I'm looking for someone who would be interested in writing scripts with me and help make scripts for each other's channels. If you are interested in comment and we can exchange Skype msgs or Kik or how you'd like to talk.
  8. NawarGaming

    MCN for really small channels?

    Is there an MCN that is really good at making channels become successful boosting subscribers and active viewers? Are there any networks that are worth the support and really great at CPM or anything (even though I don't care much about revenue split) but I just want something to help the...
  9. Linkopotamus

    Do you record alone or with a friend?

    Hi all, just a little curious about something here. I run a pretty new gaming channel with a friend. It was an odd situation that led us to beginning this together.. I wanted to do it with someone entirely different but they flaked out on me for a month straight and I got fed up with it. I then...
  10. M

    [Screenshots]Yoola Network doesn't respond to release request, THEN adds me in a 3 month queue.

    Yoola Network doesn't respond to release request, adds me a 3 month queue after months. I had requested to leave Yoola Network (at the time it was called VSP Group) but they straight-up didn't answer. Finally after months, they give a reasonable answer to my direct chat request, which lead me...
  11. jrock20

    Request Need a template editor with photoshop

    I honestly hope this is under the right tab but I need help with my channel art and graphics. I have several templates but I cannot buy photoshop at the moment. I'm looking for a person who's willing to simply edit the templates and they can receive whatever shoutout they want on all videos...
  12. SketchingShadows

    Gaming Need Some Minecraft Players for a Team!

    I'm in search of a few new creators to work with on creating mods, modpacks, and Videos With on My Second YT Channel. I own a survival server we play on, and have made a couple of public modpacks. The YT is called COmmandModBox, and I'm accepting Skype names if you are interested. Thanks!
  13. Just Cause

    Other Partner, Hold Camera, Edit, exe

    I have a small channel 600+ subs and just under a million views, already in youtube partnership program. Wanting to take a new channel to the next level, need some help its hard to move the camera, edit, exe, exe. Looking to do a 50/50 revenue slit (after taxes). Open to ideas about a new...
  14. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Voice Actor Needed For YouTube Video!!

    Am having Voice acting channel called Foxdairies, Haha if anyone interested to collab with or Can help in Voice Acting some videos!! Well You Can Email Me if Your Interested : Or Comment!
  15. Cody Reks

    Gaming Looking for Youtube partner to collab with.

    Howdy people ?! My name is Alex, people call me Cody (my nickname). I have a gaming Youtube channel called "Cody Sucks @ Games" and im looking for people to collab with. At the moment im mainly focusing on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds videos and i would like a fellow Youtuber to duo with and...
  16. Diabetus

    Gaming Looking For More Gamers!

    Hello Fellow Gaming Channels! I'm "The Bravest" But you can call me Kade. Me and a group of friends set up a Official Group of Youtube PC Gamers 2 months ago so that can play games together so that everyone can grow and we will never be short on Friends to play with. Its Called AK Clan (we can...
  17. A

    Youtube Partner Money Problem

    Hello Guys My name is Ahmet and I joined new. :) My Partner is Maker Studios Network and Paypal is closed in Turkey. About 10 months i cant Money. And I could not get my Money. But 2 month ago i sent message and maker studio want my Wire Transfer information contract. And 2 month ago I sent to...
  18. Vonthax

    Gaming Looking for a cod IW collab partner

    Hello fellow YouTubers! My name is Vonthax and I stream call of duty infinite warfare almost every day on twitch, but now I'm interested in youtubing instead, I have made a channel who's name is vonthax studios, where I edit and gather all the funny parts from my stream. Right now am I working...
  19. Trae

    Do you guys create in GROUPS or SOLO?

    I ask because I'm starting to collaborate on my channel. I notice that not to many people ACTUALLY work together on content when they're smaller channels. Do you guys tend to collaborate or work alone?
  20. blackknight404

    Gaming I am Looking for a partner/Collaborator to start a youtube channel ! [PC]

    Hi, I am blackknight404, a gamer who wants to start a (Gaming) Youtube Channel, but I would like to do this with someone, a partner/Collaborator (call that however you like). I will go straight to the point, I am 15, I live in California and I want someone around my age, boy or girl, and that...
  21. KrivixHD

    Gaming Pc Gaming Collaboration/Crew/Partner

    Hey YTtalk i'm a 13 year old yet I am pretty mature so don't doubt me. I play mostly on pc, and will be getting a larger genre of games in the future. For right now I have Minecraft, Csgo, League of Legends, and a few others like DayZ.
  22. BloodyDude

    Gaming Minecraft and some other games Collbarotations?

    Looking For Minecraft Collaborations.. Requirements: Age: 13+ Subscribers: No Subscribers Count. Because everyone have to start. Be Active. If You are Good Enough. Maybe We Can be Partners.
  23. V

    Gaming Looking for a Minecraft gaming partner

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a Minecraft gaming partner to become friends with and make videos with! Requirements: A decent mic Skype 13-16 years old email me or contact me on social media : ) (All social media is in my video descriptions and will be the fastest form of contact) email-...
  24. V

    Gaming Minecraft Collab Partner

    Hey Guys! I'm new to the gaming side of YouTube. I posted on this thread a while back, but my phone has been broken this past month so I haven't been on here or my email. I am looking for someone to work with throughout our YouTube careers. *must haves* -Good mic -Skype -be 13-16 years old -Be...
  25. Tuttiman

    Gaming Looking for a gaming partner to do a shellshock series and much more on PC.

    I'm looking for guys or girls who uses a PC and would like to have a partner to record with. Not Squad but partner. where we can go do 1v1 against each others for challenges and s**t. I'm 15 from the UK, so I would prefer anyone who can cope with my timezone. I have 273 subs. Criteria is that...
  26. U

    Gaming Looking For Partners/Friends (PC)

    I'm looking for someone to collab with, and not just make this collab a one-time thing, I wanna have a partner that I can grow with, and have fun with on youtube for a very long time. And don't expect me to make a video with you the day I met you, or a few days after we have been talking...
  27. ZeroChill

    Request [Free] Looking for someone to work w/ me on my projects

    I am an inexperienced designer who has only made a couple pieces of work. I was looking to see if anyone would be interested in looking over my YouTube channel art and helping me make Twitch art. I am also looking for someone who would want to work with me long term. Whoever works with me on...
  28. J

    Is there anyone that wants to do this

    Is there anyone out there that's gonna make a YouTube channel on YouTube drama and giving opinions on the situation and or just telling stories with someone els.
  29. Mr. Indigo

    Gaming Looking for Someone to talk to while Playing Games!

    Hello! I am a relatively small Youtuber channel looking for someone to talk to while I play games. I play PC games and I usually don't have things to talk about so I need someone to talk with while playing. I only ask that you have a Skype account and a decent Microphone. My Skype username is...
  30. M

    Gaming ETS2 PARTNER +60 SUBS

    Hello everybody I am Maurice I am Dutch but i speak english in my video's I am searching for a Euro truck Simulator 2 Partner with above 60 subs and you need a TruckersMp account and the age from my partner must be 12 - 17 years old you can contact me on skype: Maurice23042002 my channel is...
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