Animation Digital designer and animator looking for a partner to build a YouTube Business


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Hi there,
I'm a digital designer and animator looking for a partner to build a long-term business.

The goal: Create a channel together
  • Motivations: Why are both of you into this? Money? Fame? Passion?
  • I know what I don't want: fame.
  • I do know what I want: money, get a passive income.
  • Equity share: 50/50 for each other on everything, on every dollar we get
  • Each ones time dedication: part time. Create and publish 2 videos per week.
  • Work ethic: 100% honest, no lies, 100% hard work.
I'm looking for someone who will be happy to do the script/acting/storytelling. The most experience the better.

Channel subject: anything you are passioned about. Story/Science/Makeup/Cloth/Money/Business/Mythology, you name it.
It can't be violent or harmful or disrespectful.

Ideas: We can work together and create a list of possible video ideas. I'm a good listener and I'm open to experiment with different kind of videos/animations/subjects.

What can I do?
  • Brand design
  • Logo design
  • Naming
  • Slogan creator
  • Social channels creator
  • Graphic design for social channels
  • Video thumbnail design
  • Video animations
  • Video+music+audio incorporated
  • 2D animations
  • Web design, E-commerce design
  • Product design, like apps, or any software design
We can both work on the social channels.

Hey there, read what you’re looking for and I’m not sure if my project falls under harmful, but it can be somewhat violent with fight scenes. I’m trying to make an animated series.
is there anyway i can personally contact you for example extremely interested and would love to work with you please get back to me soon!
You are exactly what I'm looking for! I need a real person with who I can share business with!
Please mail me on
I'm looking forward to work with you!