Other Collaboration -- I.T. and/or Cars --- Looking for a partner or two


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My name is Chris...
I am looking for a YT collaborator (my channel specifically deals along the lines of cars/car enthusiasts and I.T./Computer types of areas). I would really like to find a few like minded YouTubers to grow our respective channels (or even start another one together). I'm not sure what you are looking for, but maybe we could really come up with something great.

Hey there, I'm wid you in that....I also talk about tech stuff or I.T stuff in total if you feel much concerned just look me up on "appgalaxy27@gmail.com" and we'll definitely start growing out our channels together and for more advice about the YouTube algorithm and other YT stuffs

I'll be glad to hear something back from you....but I also use WhatsApp~ +255 629 476 954