1. J

    Is there anyone that wants to do this

    Is there anyone out there that's gonna make a YouTube channel on YouTube drama and giving opinions on the situation and or just telling stories with someone els.
  2. Mr. Indigo

    Gaming Looking for Someone to talk to while Playing Games!

    Hello! I am a relatively small Youtuber channel looking for someone to talk to while I play games. I play PC games and I usually don't have things to talk about so I need someone to talk with while playing. I only ask that you have a Skype account and a decent Microphone. My Skype username is...
  3. M

    Gaming ETS2 PARTNER +60 SUBS

    Hello everybody I am Maurice I am Dutch but i speak english in my video's I am searching for a Euro truck Simulator 2 Partner with above 60 subs and you need a TruckersMp account and the age from my partner must be 12 - 17 years old you can contact me on skype: Maurice23042002 my channel is...
  4. Tuttiman

    Gaming looking for a gaming partner for youtube like crundee, smosh or pewds and ken,

    I need some people to record with. like on a regular basic as a squad. one person that can match with my youtube time and has similar games to me. it would be nice to have someone 15+, decent mic and at least 50+ subs. Also someone with good intro and graphics skills. the games I have are...
  5. Brandon Maroney


  6. promo25

    Network that offers comissions for more than a year on recruited channels?

    Hi everyone, Long story short, I wanted to start a subnetwork and built a list with around 70 channels with great content and views that weren't partnered with a network or adsense. As you may know subnetworks are no longer allowed on YouTube, but I still can be a recruiter. The thing is, most...
  7. SandManOnly

    Should I Leave Maker Studios?

    I am thinking of leaving maker studios aka RPM network, because they have not done anything to my channel like promoting my videos, channel etc. The only good thing is the free music but every network has that now :P I am thinking of joining Fullscreen or Curse but I don't know yet. What do you...
  8. L

    Looking For a youtube-Gary's Modand More collab!!

    Hello, i've been looking for a group of friends (4) to record you tube with! I however cannot record but i want to play with y'all and be in the videos and i can mention you because what i do is i upload trolling videos and i make music! and i can easily get your name out but i just want a group...

    Other Georgia Youtubers

    Anyone from GA using this interested in pooling resources? Equipment, actors, editing, writing, graphic art etc.
  10. ringwave

    Gaming Looking For Someone To Partner With On Youtube.

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for someone aged 12+ who is mature and is interesed in the same things as me and would like to partner. THE REQUIREMENTS -PS4 Games -Call Of Duty Player -12+ -A Youtube Channel -A Working Mic If you believe you meet these standards. Reply to me, or Skype me (...
  11. Taddy

    Gaming Looking for UMG/GB Partner for CoD (Xbox One)

    I'm a fairly new youtuber but I've been playing Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare release if anyone is interested then I am looking to start a competitive series with either doubles or clan matches. If you're interested just PM me on here or add me on Xbox live - ATaddBehind I'm...
  12. Jaxx Plays

    Gaming Looking for a YouTube partner!

    Hey, everyone! I have been youtube for a few years now and I enjoy video production but the reason I started making videos was to make videos with a friend or a group of friends I wanted to know if there is anyone else looking to have a youtube partner or friend that we could collab and make...
  13. Ghaloob3

    Gaming YouTube Gaming Partner

    Hello! My name is Ghaloob3 and i have over 225 subs! im looking for a partner to collaborate with and not just 1 video.. a guy to stick with and stay with me/us ... So if you are interested pls email me to - or just simply reply to this post ! Requirements : (14 years +)...
  14. T

    Gaming Tekkit/Modpacks looking for partner

    Hey guys my name is Taint and i'm looking for someone to play Minecraft with i would like to play one of the Technic launchers modpacks and i have my own server. I'm looking for a fun person my age "19" (Must be 16 or Above) that want's to play videos games with me I'm from Europe however i...
  15. TheSpanishKorean

    Vlog Seeking Vlog Collab!

    Hello everyone, My wife and I just started our family YT channel and we would LOVE to collab with another vlog channel. We are a diversefamily and our baby is extremely mixed (1/2 Korean, 1/4 Puertorican, 1/4 white). Any good vibed vlog channel would be great! I also have another YT channel...
  16. Jacob Pyle

    Music Looking for a Female Singer

    Hi, my name is Jacob Pyle! I'm the host, creator, and producer of a show entitled "Pyle and Company". And I've been wanting to sing a duet with someone for a very long time now. I'm looking for a female singer who'd be willing to sing with me on upcoming episodes of our show! I usually like to...
  17. 123Zeus

    Gaming Need some general collaboration PC/Playstation

    Looking for another channel to collab with. I have PC, PS3, and PS4, but I would prefer to collab on PC as that is the easiest to record and I play that the most. I am looking for a channel that: -Has over 5,000 subscribers -Enjoys being comedic/ Is naturally funny -Is very laid back/ Not...
  18. Syx

    Gaming Looking to collab (PC)(Steam)

    Hey, my names Syx :) here's a little bit of info Age: 20 Time Zone: GMT Language/s: English When I'm online?: Everyday :) Mic? Yes Editing Tools? Yes Games: About 136 Steam: Jixarh Skype: Twitch_2012 Subs: Only 6, because I haven't started uploaded yet Hit me up, or reply to this forum if you...
  19. Hutch_Hawkeye

    I dislike New Youtube

    Am I the only one who dislikes the new youtube and how it's become substantially less user friendly to growing your channels? When I started, I could average near 1000 views in any one day and video responses were thing, new videos stood a chance of appearing first in searches. I just found now...
  20. Owlins

    Approached by TGN...

    Hi all, Recently I've been approached by TGN (part of BroadbandTV) for a partnership and I would really like your thoughts about this. Not only would I like to know your (possible) experiences with this Partner but also if it is even a good idea to join as I've got a really small channel. I'm...
  21. E

    Gaming My introduction (Ender Gaming)

    Hi my name on youtube is Ender Gaming I do minecraft gaming vids and how to minecraft vids\ Im looking for one or two people that are small like me (Between 0 and 30 subs) and are in need of a partnership with someone do do vids with and grow togeather with. I hope whoever reads this that meats...
  22. Alex Green

    Comedy [Need] A partner

    Hello everyone, I am from Vietnam I am a Web SEO Tactics analyst I am planning to launch some funny channels on youtube I need a native english speaker to be my partner. Because my english is not good enough We do scripts I collect materials,make videos and promote it you do voice Please...
  23. BookieBookie

    YouTube partnership = more views?

    Dear everyone, I just started out with my YouTube channel. It's about English literature and my mission statement is to encourage people to get into the classics, like Moby d**k and 1984 and such. (Unpopular subject, I know, but this is what I want to do.) Now, I'd love to reach out and be...
  24. Bryan S

    Gaming Pc friends collab or long term partnership

    me and my partner are looking for 2 people to collaborate with on our youtube channel for minecraft, and a few other pc games. Minecraft Username: Waytodawn2291 & Twobecomeone2377 Platform I play on: PC Age: 24 & 38 Gender: Male Country/Timezone: USA, Eastern Standard Time How someone should...
  25. S

    Gaming Friends??

    Hello, im a youtube noob, and i was wondering if anyone could do a collab or be a youtube partner with me. Im not very popular an am not planning to be, but its still worth a try. (oh and i do mostly gaming videos)
  26. Isaac B.

    Thoughts on bbtv? Should I join?

    Hello this is my first post to yttalk. So basically my channel has recently reached over 100,000 subscribers and I get around 500,000 views per month. I recently recieved an email from a group called outspeak. It has been created by the huffington post and have the potential for exposure on...
  27. TheSpiderGamer101

    Gaming Anybody wants to do a Minecraft Survival Series with me?

    Hey there! I'm a 13 year old who is looking for somebody to do a Minecraft Survival series with! If anybody can join, please go ahead and write out a reply or send me a Skype request! ;D What I'm looking for: Age: Preferably someone who is 12 to 14 years old but I really wouldn't mind a 15...