Looking For a youtube-Gary's Modand More collab!!


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Hello, i've been looking for a group of friends (4) to record you tube with! I however cannot record but i want to play with y'all and be in the videos and i can mention you because what i do is i upload trolling videos and i make music! and i can easily get your name out but i just want a group of friends to have fun with!

My skype:Lord_scruffy1

Must be around my age so (12-15) 16 maybe
Need a good microphone and a skype (communication)
Need to record videos of Gary's mod
Need to be chilled and fun and really just i'm looking for something that Vanoss-Gaming has tbh! I want friends like that and i want to have fun idc about the view and subs but i also want to share it with other people!

Your link to your channel does not work. I think you can find some decent youtubers to collab with if you keep searching. Good luck.