[Screenshots]Yoola Network doesn't respond to release request, THEN adds me in a 3 month queue.


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Jul 17, 2017
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Yoola Network doesn't respond to release request, adds me a 3 month queue after months.

I had requested to leave Yoola Network (at the time it was called VSP Group) but they straight-up didn't answer.

Finally after months, they give a reasonable answer to my direct chat request, which lead me to a form. (I can't post URL's.) They said after applying to this form, my channel would be released after 3 months. So I explained the situation about my emails being ignored. They said they want evidence if I wanted to be released early. I gave them these screenshots:

So what do you think they did? They just IGNORED them. The guy kept saying that I needed to wait 3 more months nonetheless. Here is the entire conversation:

As you can see, he just IGNORES the fact that I had sent them these emails earlier and didn't get a response.


I was so furious I even threatened him like this:

I am a very small YouTuber that gets minimal amounts of revenue per month. Why did Yoola choose to keep a portion of my revenue for the next months in exchange of their image getting dirtier is beyond me.

As you can see, I didn't receive any reply whatsoever, so I am posting this. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT PARTNER WITH YOOLA, YouPartnerWSP or VSP GROUP. They might seem reasonable, and they had been very fast with my post-partnership questions. The first thing I asked was "Can I get out of Yoola (it was VSP Group at the time)" and they replied with this:

But they didn't. They had a policy about it at the time but they didn't sent me the link after all the mails and requests I had sent to them. If they just sent me the unlink form at the beginning, none of these would have happened.

Do NOT partner with Yoola. What they offer in exchange of all of these shady business practises is DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT.