Gaming I am Looking for a partner/Collaborator to start a youtube channel ! [PC]


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Hi, I am blackknight404, a gamer who wants to start a (Gaming) Youtube Channel, but I would like to do this with someone, a partner/Collaborator (call that however you like). I will go straight to the point, I am 15, I live in California and I want someone around my age, boy or girl, and that lives in North America (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, The closest the better). That person should be a Gamer, speak proper English , and have a good “equilibrium” between maturity and humor. He/she also has to have an open schedule and be often online. Now for the material: you HAVE TO possess a decent PC with a recording AND an editing program, You will have to get steam, discord AND Skype. ( That’s not it but I’ll discuss with people in vocal about the rest).

If, somehow, the channel becomes popular, the benefits will be shared 50-50.

To contact me:

Skype: [Genesis]blackknight404

Discord: blackknight404#7701


or you can just leave a comment on this post or on the video