Aimee Rondeau

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I have been wanting to start making videos, as well as a possible corresponding podcast, for a long time now but would prefer to do it with a partner or even a small team.

My ideas are pretty versatile from sit down talk videos discussing general things and interests, like tv shows (e.g. RuPaul’s Drag Race), sports (I love hockey and can’t help talking about =p If this could lead into doing something with the NHL I would love that!), reviews, interviews, stream of consciousness, etc., to day in the life sort of events, doing some challenges/games, and even skits (I have been involved in theatre for years and would like to do some acting). I also have a background in psychology and would like to talk about mental health stuff and don’t mind talking about more serious topics but would still like to keep most things fun and with a sense of humor. (I've also had an idea for a Batfamily web series but that's probably a separate project...).

Although I’m a fast learner, I don’t really have any experience with filming and video/audio editing, so working with someone with that knowledge would be a plus. I would love to have someone to bounce ideas off of and create some great content with. Someone who is mid-late 20s to early 30s might be preferred as well as someone on the west coast. For now I would want to stay in Washington state. I’m not sure if it’s possible to do this online somehow so location wouldn’t matter or if housing needs to be discussed but I’m open (I’m looking to moving around the Seattle area possibly anyway so…)

I hope I explained this well enough and also was able to showcase my own personality well enough for anyone to assess if they would like to work with me or not. Sorry for the long post...

I would love for this to grow and become something bigger and lead to more opportunities and into bigger and better things and I would love a partner in crime fighting, or a small team of crime fighters =p, to do it with.
I'm not sure if I could do a regular podcast with anyone, but I've been wanting to do a live stream with someone lately on some topics that I've been learning about. If you are interested, I would like to have you on a live stream. And if it turns into something more, like a regular podcast, then so be it. Either way, that is my offer. Hope it goes well for you either way.
hay i'm interested my skype and channel are mourad afassi if you want to talk call me and we can make i collab