collaboration channel

  1. its kind of a grey area

    Comedy Fun 2K Subscriber Youtube show Looking to collaborate!

    Hey everyone. We’re are the hosts of “It’s Kind of A Grey Area”. A comedy talk show about hypothetical situations, real life stories, and crazy topics. We’re looking for some fun youtubers Or podcaster to do come collaboration videos with. Check out our show and feel free to email us at...
  2. Aimee Rondeau

    Commentary Collab Partner or Team

    Hello! I have been wanting to start making videos, as well as a possible corresponding podcast, for a long time now but would prefer to do it with a partner or even a small team. My ideas are pretty versatile from sit down talk videos discussing general things and interests, like tv shows...
  3. GucciCarry

    Players One (Gaming/Comedy Collaboration Channel)

    Hello everyone! I'm GucciCarry from the channel "Players One". This channel is a group of 5 youtubers (4 of us all have over 2,000+ subscribers on our personal channels.) This channel is going to consist of content similar to what VanossGaming puts out. We all love to make people laugh and...
  4. M

    Gaming PS4 Collaboration or Group Collaboration

    I am a small YouTuber 180 subscribers and I upload from my PS4//I am looking for people on the PS4 to collab with or have a group Collaboration// I'm (15) and the list of games I play are as followed Smite, Warframe,Ark Survival, Paragon,BF4, Minecraft and {Absolver}my main upload on my Channel
  5. dlrothwell


    Hey guys! If you're interested in being a part of a collab channel then check out my video on my channel! All details and requirements are found on there!
  6. dlrothwell


    Hey guys! I'm starting a collab channel up and I'm looking for people to audition! all info can be found on my video on my channel dlrothwell or if you have questions ask away!

    Gaming Who wanna collaboration with me

    Yo if you have a YouTube ( you have to have MORE THAN 3 sub's ) and a ps3 with bo2 and you make bo2 videos don't have to have a mic add me GAL2_REVERSE
  8. N

    Other NerdMake is expanding! Looking for guests and new members!

    Hey there Nerds! We've got a special announcement to make today. We've hit our goal for the year! We're also working to expand NerdMake! We'll be recruiting new members onto the NerdCrew for the next 2 months. We're expanding in a variety of positions, so you're more than welcome to apply...
  9. CharlieBrooke125

    Vlog Looking To Start A Teen Collab Channel!

    Hello There, I am looking to start a teen collab channel 1 because I think it is a good way to help grow channels, and 2 because I want to make some cool youtube friends :) If your unsure of what a collab channel is, There are many videos online explaining it :)...
  10. K

    Gaming Need someone too collab with 100+ subs any console or pc

    I upload every week day and live stream looking for someone who likes DBZ or horror games or just any game really but comment or message me on youtube if you wanna think about collabing
  11. S

    Other Horror channel

    Would anyone like to start a horror channel together? I was thinking we could do short films, creepypasta readings, Horror games etc. Please let me know if interested
  12. Marceive

    Other WOAHHH! Here we go

    SOOOOO I've been looking for some people to collab with for the longest time. I have been on YouTube for over a year and I could never find anyone to collab with. It's been bothering me. BUT NOW! I have finally found somewhere I can. So here we go... I do gaming and comedy vids with a little...
  13. Euan Aplin


    Hi, so I'm wanting to make or be part of a collaboration channel so that our main channels ca be promoted and we can all grow together. I'm looking for youtubers that are 14 - 18, that upload a fair amount and that have a unique personality. if you would like to be part of the channel you can...
  14. ItsMythix

    Gaming FUNNY MOMENTS (PC/PS4) *Read before commenting*

    looking for a few other youtubers/gamers to play with and create funny moments montages and others content. I have only had youtube for a month. Gained 60+ subs and am looking to make some friends on YouTube. Games on ps4: Gta Bo3 Battlefield 4 Destiny Uncharted 4 Battlefield 1 ( when it...
  15. LunaTheCrazyStuff

    Other Want to join a collab channel?

    I am in a collab channel, and we need 2 more people, we have one for every day other than monday and tuesday, so therefor we need some more people. If you are interested, you can check our first video on our channel with the auditioning details, you have to make a video where you say a couple of...
  16. K

    Gaming Any teens want to make a gaming channel together?

    Hey! ^_^ Does anybody from the ages off 13-17 want to make a gaming channel together? :D We can do all different types of content from funny games to serious games to multiplayer ones! If you serious or interested about joining please send a message here or my youtube account! And please respond...
  17. DeepU

    Music Collaborate ,Youtube , House Music , Channels

    Hey i search people who want to join in to make Deep U Channel a bigger and better Or who want's to collaborate with Channel's . If you interested contact me here or : Check the channel :)
  18. Nyze

    Gaming Looking for Collab Partners!

    I wanna create a team much like Vanoss' crew and SeaNanners' crew. I am really dedicated in making it somewhere in YouTube. Although I am 25 subscribers deep right now, I put work in my videos. I have no actual funny moments videos yet but that's because my channel went ups and downs in the past...
  19. D

    Gaming Gaming Collabs!

    Hey there YouTube communtity! I was wondering if any of you guys would like to do a collab with me! I will be playing halo 5, gears of war ultimate edition, Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, minecraft and more! Anyway I'm looking forward to growing together and learning many new things about...
  20. Christopher Schulze

    Gaming [Open 0 of 2] Youtube collaboration?; 2K, B03, GTA 5

    I would prefer someone with quality content above 10 subscribers. Steps to be one of the two picked 1. Comment your youtube channel URL below 2. That is literally it, if I think we would work well together you will hear from me on your channel!
  21. Alexxd25

    Gaming Xbox One group! (Almost finshed)

    Hey! I've looked for people for quite some time and I've assembled quite a team we are just looking for a couple more so if you are interested please comment, we don't have any crazy requirements, just have decent content (Make sure is not recorded with an Ipad) and have minecraft since that's a...
  22. Jake Shipe

    Vlog Join A Collaboration Channel!

    Hey guys! So I'm starting a collab channel, and was looking for people who would be interested! If you would like to be a part of it, leave a reply here or a comment on the announcement video letting me know your channel name and twitter name! I'll be making a decision in about a week, so be...