Liking YTtalk
SOOOOO I've been looking for some people to collab with for the longest time. I have been on YouTube for over a year and I could never find anyone to collab with. It's been bothering me. BUT NOW! I have finally found somewhere I can. So here we go...

I do gaming and comedy vids with a little extra (wink wink) (That means nothing)
I make gaming comedy, I just don't sit through the whole game and play it like most let's plays.
If you check out my channel, you'll see what I mean.
I have 479 subs (Once 540, well damn.) So if anyone is up there and willing to collab with me with the content I have, I will
I love gaming but haven't done any gaming videos and been in some comedy stuff. I'd be down for whatever if you got something in mind!