Gaming PC gamers collab ? Gmod, CSGO, Minecraft and pretty much anything

Hey guys, so me and my friend are looking for some people to collab with. I'm 19 and he's 22 so a basic requirement which we are looking for is at least 18+. UK based or European based timezones are recommended but if you don't live in the gmt timezone, it isn't a tiebreaker. We can work something out cuz thats what friends do, right ? :p
We are happy to play any games as long as all of us are having fun and it is within the budget for everyone to afford. And the number of subs you have is irrelevant, we are happy to play with anyone.
Just make sure to have decent audio and recording equipment, for the sake of quality. If you have a bad mic but are audible enough for all of us to hear, then it isn't a problem at all.
Since both me and my friend are english speakers, we would want you to speak in english also, recording or not since communication is key.
And please be committed to collaborating. If you want to make a separate series in the same game, please do it, but then when all of us are playing, make sure to join us and spend a little of your time with us.

Thank you so much...[DOUBLEPOST=1480046201,1480045754][/DOUBLEPOST]You can contact me on twitter: @aAlienator5000