1. Carlos The Banana

    Gaming Looking for Collaboration (Minecraft, COD, Gmod, and other Steam Games)

    My Youtube channel is Carlos The Banana, I have had my channel for a while and I am trying to get back into Youtube and find some people to play with. I have 34 subscribers and counting, and get a good amount of views on each video. I play mostly Minecraft and Call of Duty, but I'm open to...
  2. Zapadap

    Gaming Looking for PC/PS4 peeps to record with.

    In the process of getting back into YouTube as of right now. I’m not gonna lie, I did take a 2 year hiatus from YT for some reasons, but I’m back and ready to get into the full swing of things with other serious content creators, ready to put smiles on peeps faces. I’m 23 looking for people...
  3. xxTemplar

    Best Maps for GMod?

    Hey there! I'm gonna start playing GMod on YouTube. Hopefully Vanoss-style. Do any of you know any good maps for YouTube Videos? Thanks in advance!
  4. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Funny Youtubers (PC)

    Hello! I'm looking to find some funny youtubers that my friends and I can record with. I currently have 2 channels. One channel has over 3.4k subscribers and the other one which I post funny stuff has around 170. I'm only looking for people who seriously want to grow on Youtube. If you post...
  5. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Looking for ppl to collab with...

    Games: Gta5 Csgo Gmod Fortnite Golf it Content mainly: I mainly do funny moments and want ppl for GTA 5 to create amazing Funny moments gameplay Comment on my recent vid if i dont respond
  6. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Collab- Gta 5, Gmod, csgo, fortnite...

    Hey i am a small youtuber looking for ppl to collab with preferrably gta 5 pc and not too young... Want a group of us for funny moments to let it all out hahaha... Check out my youtube channel for my content i make... im gonna be bringing back gta 5 so anyone wanting to collab as a group...
  7. MAGnify

    Gaming Fortnite, Gmod, CS Etc (ACTIVE PEOPLE)

    Hey guys my names Mike and I'm currently sitting under 200 subscribers and I'm restarting my channel. Im looking for a group of people between 15-18 years old that play popular games such as those mentioned in the title. Im 17 :) Add me on Snapchat: iShartedToday Add me on Instagram...
  8. W

    Gaming Looking For ACTIVE Gaming Youtubers! (PC,Xbox) (Discord)

    hey Guys! here is a link to the video that sums everything up! (I cant Post URL's on this, so go to: Youtube>WingsOfRush (White Logo with leaves in the wings)> And my newest DISCORD video :)) I make funny moments videos and my friends and i are looking for new people to play games with! My...
  9. TheHypeCrafter

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey, Im Looking To Start A Group. In Which We Play Games And Post Videos Together BUT Here Are The Things You Need 1: A Decent Microphone 2: Know Either English Or Swedish ( Preferably English ) 3: Have A Discord Account And Application 4: Don't Care About Swearing/Cussing 5: Own At Least 2 Of...
  10. GucciCarry


  11. GucciCarry


  12. GucciCarry


  13. Acemaster_

    Gaming looking for new energetic youtubers!

    Hi and i'm guessing you came here because you want to grow your channel, or because you want some people to play with and enjoy the recording experience more. if yes we already have something on common. i am not a very big youtuber i just started and am combing twitch and youtube. if you want to...
  14. S

    Gaming Looking For Funny Moments Group Members

    Hi anyone is welcome, Only need a good mic Games : CSGO GMOD GTA 5 or others.. Discord jamtes #4033 Cya guys soon :) 13-16Pc only
  15. Iam_Son_Of_Odin

    Gaming Are you a Youtuber and record GMOD??

    Hey! Im about to start doing youtube, and some of the stuff I want to record is Garry's mod. Soo Im looking for someone else who want to play Gmod on private servers. My vision is to work hard with youtube so im planning to play alot everyday. Im planning to play Prop hunt, deathrun, guess...
  16. Danny Techaholic

    Gaming Looking to Collab, make friends along with better content.

    Hey. My Name is Danny (Daniel). I have a YouTube Channel (obviously :)). It's called "Danny Techaholic". Link to my channel: What I basically do is gaming videos on certain days and make tech deal videos on another day for the fun of it. Most of my friends play console and...
  17. S

    Gaming A Small Group of Youtubers To Collab With

    Hi there My name is Stupidpendous & I'm a very small Youtuber & i was wondering if any other Youtubers want to create a series or something like that. The Games I Play Now: Minecraft, Terraria, GMod Games i'm Planing to Play: The Forest, PUBG, COD WW2, More GMod, Modded Minecraft Games I've been...
  18. Raging Taurus

    Gaming Looking for people who have gmod, and would like to play different games on it.

    Looking for people who have gmod, and would like to play different games on it such as deathrun, hide and seek, prop hunt, and guess who. Reply if you want to play with me. I don't care about your age, but I ask only people older than 14 reply. Thanks and I hope we can play gmod together in...
  19. Grifn4ge

    Gaming YouTube and Twitch Gamers

    I'm a new YouTuber/Twitch Streamer, and want to collaborate with other people. I will be playing lots of games on Steam and some on Xbox 360 and PS4. Respond to this thread if you are interested. BTW I have TeamSpeak3, Discord, and Skype and can record almost whenever. Discord- Grifn4ge#7528...
  20. L

    Gaming Looking to get back into YouTube

    Hi, My channel's name is name is Luke.M16 (You have to go look it up on YouTube if you want to see it) I haven't posted in a while and I deleted all of my videos so I'm basically starting at square one I am looking for some people to collab with and play games with. Games I have: Gmod CS:GO...
  21. Suprex

    Gaming PC Gaming Group!

    Looking for YouTubers over 16 to make funny videos with. Videos like Vanoss and Speedy but maybe better ;p Requirements: - 16+ no one younger. - good mic - subs DONT matter - willing to play and record most of the time. - dont get butthurt and just be genuine, Be yourself. Games: CSGO GMOD...
  22. Suprex

    Gaming PC Gaming Crew!! (16+)

    Looking to start a PC gaming crew. Basically a crew to play games and make funny content. Requirements: -MUST be 16 or older -Have a decent mic with NO background noise -Have a sense of humor and doesn't get really butthurt -Games: -CSGO -GMOD -Gang Beasts -GTA -Golf It/ with...
  23. Q

    Gaming Got 30k subs

    Sorry for the title, just need to find PC collab asap PC ONLY Games: GTA 5, Friday the 13th, Gmod etc. Requerments: 18+, being a funny person which plays for fun only, being a person the team can rely on Timing: recording usually between 5am and 10am according to New-York time Skype...
  24. Q

    Gaming Looking for a PC collab

    Hey, if you are 17 y.o.+ person with a good mic who plays for fun join our crew. We rec GTA 5, Block Ops3 Zombies, Friday the 13th, Bloody Party, Gmod etc. We rec at 3am-10am according to NY time. Skype: agarioplayer123
  25. Suprex

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers to record Funny vids with (PC)

    I am looking for other YouTubers ( ages 16-17+) to make funny moment videos with and just have a good time, help eachother grow and maybe even become friends. Requirements: -have a good mic (no background noise) - like i said be at least 16-17+ - Be able to take a joke, make jokes and not get...
  26. SwiftUnity


  27. Q

    Gaming Join us

    Hey, I'm searching for members to join my team and rec funny gaming vids together. We play GTA 5, Black Ops 3, Friday the 13th, Gmod, Ben & Ed Bloody Party etc. To join you must be 17+, have a great mic and a good sence of humor. We usually rec from 3am to 10am (according to New-York time), so...
  28. I


    Hey guys :D my name is Apace and im 15. Im looking for funny and creative people on pc. I have both skype and discord and have a good mic. Would love if you can be in my age category, funny, creative, and have a descent mic. I play on pc and play gmod. Looking to expand in more games in the...
  29. LochnessGaming

    Limbo With David Hasselhoff | Gmod Hide & Seek

  30. SupWithT

    Gaming Newbie to Gary's Mod

    So....I just downloaded this...I don't know how to use it, but I hear a lot of people talking about it soooooo Anyone wanna collab...COMMENT Wanna gimme tips on how to use...or teach me how to use it...COMMENT Anyone wanna just tell me how awesome it is and I'm a noob...COMMENT Don't call me...