Gaming looking for new energetic youtubers!


Hi and i'm guessing you came here because you want to grow your channel, or because you want some people to play with and enjoy the recording experience more. if yes we already have something on common.
i am not a very big youtuber i just started and am combing twitch and youtube. if you want to play multiplayer games and get some content add me on discord

1. you need a youtube channel........
2. at least 1 video for me to check out
3. 15 +
4.decent pc able to run new titles at 60 fps
5. good ping i live in the us, and i don't want you to be lagging if you live far away
6. a good attitude you can make some jokes or swear here and there but maturely/moderately
7.microphone that works decent
8. have a few of these games(garrysmod, H1Z1, PUBG, space engineers, rust, arma, R6, Gta5, vrchat)
and thats it!
my discord Acemaster#6216

the link below this will not work
search acemaster_ on youtube
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