1. P

    Gaming Ps4, PC, WiiU and Nintendo switch gamers wanted for collab series or single episodes.

    ChronicBS is our channel we do challenges, vlogs, skits, and mainly gaming. PS4 games- battlefront, mortal kombat, GTA5, and we're up to get more games.(Maybe overwatch, cod, destiny, and bfront 2 when it comes out.) PC games- Gmod, pokemon Showdown, evolve, town of salem Wii U- Mario Kart...
  2. Q

    Gaming Searching for Gaming Collab!

    Hey, I'm going to create a team of 5-8 youtubers to make funny and quality gaming content on games like GTA 5, Gmod, Black Ops 3, Friday 13th etc. If you want to participate you need to be at least 17 y.o. and have a good sence of humor. Send me your example video on skype: agarioplayer123...
  3. T

    Gaming Looking for Collab Group!

    Hi i'm a small youtuber (21 subscribers) that is looking for a group to record with. I haven't uploaded in about three months of making this thread due to school and just not having the motivation to record by myself. I find that Ill record more and have better content if I'm recording with...
  4. E

    Gaming Looking to play GMOD with other players

    I do some commentary, comedy and a little bit of trolling! I'd love to have a solid group of people that do the same thing.
  5. Krympin

    Gaming CSGO/Gmod, PC collab I have 300+ subs

    I have 300+ subscribers and am looking for someone who's down to collab on a vid. I mainly do CSGO but am starting to do GMOD too. Let me know if you're interested. Asking as you have 100+ subs I'm down.
  6. Diabetus

    Gaming PC Youtuber Group! Ready to Collab! 13+ Years Old Only

    Hello There! Im Kaden Knowles, 16 Years Old. I Have a Youtube Channel with 117 Subscribers at the Time Of Writing This. Me and my Friends are looking for Friends to Collaborate on The PC With! All Games Are Welcome, But we mostly Play The Following: Paladins, Garry's Mod, Modded Minecraft...
  7. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with on PC

    I have CS:GO, H1Z1:KOTK, and Garry's Mod are the main games I play. The only thing I ask is that you are 16 or older, and have an active YouTube channel. I mainly play CS:GO and I'm awful. I already have 2 other friends, Jolttix and YaBoyMerp. Please go to my channel before you comment and...
  8. Forrz

    Gaming BO2 and Other Games Collab?

    I have very few subscribers and am working on my first video, a CoD BO2 Commentary, and I want to record with other people. I play on Xbox 360 and my G-Tag is ForrzPlayz. I will also play other games, like Gmod, Friday 13th, Shellshock, and other games. If interested in a collab, I have a...
  9. TheToastGamer

    Gmod funny moments | Looking for some more players

    Here's my latest video guys. I absolutely love playing gmod, and im looking for some more gmod players! It's the best to do for funny moments, and there are so many different modes on here that i would love to try out. Any feedback would be amazing haha :)
  10. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming PC collab

    Hey I'm just a small Youtuber with 15 subs. I know that's not a lot and that's okay. I just want to meet people who like to have fun recording and goofing around and so much more. Im just a chill guy and I love to goofy around. I dont ask much from people. All I want to have a group of friends...
  11. KingPug

    Gaming Looking For A PC Gamer Collab

    Hey my names Ryan im 14 (15 in about a month) and im looking for someone to collab with I have no videos but i used to do many before but i removed them cause i stopped for a while but im looking to get back into it with someone and hopefully that someone is you I am a PC gamer and i would be...
  12. Shylyrushed

    Gaming Trying to make a Consistent Shenanigan Squad

    Add me on Discord: MouthyKid#5508 Steam: MouthyKid Basically i just want to find some 17+ people that can record on a decently flexible schedule and make funny videos and nothing to serious. some of my top games are Gmod (not looking for vanoss copycats), COD, and, Overwatch, & Warframe. I...
  13. Diabetus

    Gaming Looking For More Gamers!

    Hello Fellow Gaming Channels! I'm "The Bravest" But you can call me Kade. Me and a group of friends set up a Official Group of Youtube PC Gamers 2 months ago so that can play games together so that everyone can grow and we will never be short on Friends to play with. Its Called AK Clan (we can...
  14. DestructaCorp

    Gaming PC Collabs

    If you're interested in someone to make gaming videos with, here I am. I play a lot of GMod, and I'd love to make videos with anyone. If you're interested, just reply to this thread.
  15. Suprex

    Gaming Looking to collab and make new friends! (PC Only)

    Looking to make a group of friends who are somewhat funny and unique. We can play Garry's Mod, WaW Zombies, Gang Beasts and whatever else. Also would be fun to make some funny before video skits. Please Reply to this thread if interested. Thanks!
  16. SmokeySpace

    Gaming Looking for people to play gmod with!

    Just looking for some people to play some Garry's mos with for some funny moments you can add me on steam @SmokeySpace or Skype @Smokey Space
  17. T


    hi i am Zee. I am looking for collaborations for csgo and other games. I want funny people as this will bring more viewers. i have 209 subscribers and i do not care about your subscribers i just want the personality. I do not accept people who has a big pride as this will bring bad name to our...
  18. C

    Gaming Bottom Line= I need friends for videos

    I want to start recording Youtube videos with Gmod and Portal as well as Minecraft videos, but I literally can't be funny enough alone. So this is a preach to reach out to find new people who want to gaming videos and such and so they too aren't grinding through solo. And my Youtube name...
  19. Forrz

    Gaming YouTube Collab (Yes Its A Generic Name I Know)

    Hey y'all, I wanna do some collab videos with others. I'm looking to collab in games like Garry's Mod, CS:GO, Shell Shock Live, and other fun games. If you are interested, email me at or reply below :)
  20. Brandzor

    [GMod] Tales Of The CityRP - The Burger King Bandit

    One mans quest for Burger King takes an unexpected turn... Y U NO HAS CHEEZEBURGER!? CityLife RP is a cheeky game mode on Garry's Mod, check it out if you haven't already booooooyz. Fancy following me on the ol' twitter geezers? @BrandzorGaming
  21. SoggyBurrito

    Gaming **Looking for PC Gaming Collaboration Members (GMOD)**

    Hi everyone, first I would like to thank you for taking a look at my post. I am SoggyBurrito on YouTube, if you would like to check out my channel feel free! Let me just get to the nitty-gritty of things. I am looking for serious people who are interested in making Pc Gaming Videos. I am...
  22. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking for PC Collab (I have 2000+ Subscribers)

    I'm looking for people interested in collabing with me. Heres some things you need to know before asking. - My channel consists of mostly Comedy / Trolling type stuff. - My channel is not PG-13 what so ever. - You must have at least 1500+ subscribers. - You must not take anything to...
  23. T


    Hello! so i am Zee. I mostly play steam games... I am looking for funny people who are comedians so the collab group can be famous. I also need active people :) The max span of the group is 10! i am limiting the group so that we can be close to each other like the vanoss group... I am idolizing...
  24. SoggyBurrito

    Gaming **Looking for PC Gaming Collaboration Members**

    Hi everyone, first I would like to thank you for taking a look at my post. I am SoggyBurrito on YouTube, if you would like to check out my channel feel free! Let me just get to the nitty-gritty of things. I am looking for serious people who are interested in making Pc Gaming Videos. I am...
  25. Gingeplayscs

    Gaming pc group wanted

    hi guys !! i am a small youtuber that wants to help others and grow myself i want to gather a group of 4-5 people to start making funny moments taking the p**s out of each other (as a joke) and just being good friends that post new vids together that will entertain a wide variate of people...
  26. Gingeplayscs

    Gaming CSGO group!!

    hey guys i am a small you tuber with around 40 subs. i would like to get a group of people to come and play to ake videos and funny moments together as i think it will help promote all of our channels. Requirements: to have games like CSGO, Gmod, Gang beasts etc A good mic Speaks good english...
  27. I

    I need a gaming YouTuber to collab with...

    So, I'm a gaming YouTuber with over 170 subs now, but I need to create a sort of collaboration group. One example of this would be VanossGaming and his friends. If you want to collab, you need to have Gmod, Golf With Your Friends, or Blood and Bacon. If someone could help out and wants to make...
  28. Brandzor

    [GMOD] Stories From The CityRp - 'My First Dank Purchase'

    In this City Life story, bare witness to my first purchase of the finest, dankest kush that the city has to offer! Of course things didn't go to plan... P.S DID ANYONE NOTICE THE VIDEO LENGTH? BLAZE IT. CityLife RP is a game mode on Garry's Mod, check it out if you haven't already booooooyz...