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Hi i'm a small youtuber (21 subscribers) that is looking for a group to record with. I haven't uploaded in about three months of making this thread due to school and just not having the motivation to record by myself. I find that Ill record more and have better content if I'm recording with someone.

I'm looking to record:

Modded Minecraft or minecraft



Path of Exile
and many more just ask if I have a game and I will respond as fast as I can.

Also for those of you that care I am 14. If you want to see if we can record contact me through this or discord which is TheBoneheadGamer#5954

P.S:I have gotten about enough people to record with so if you still want to talk with others and sometimes me I made a discord. have fun.
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I am interested in doing this as I have gone way too long doing solo videos, and I have always wanted to do collabs but it is really hard to find people to do so
discord is Letsthrowpoo#9767
im all good for people to collab with but you guys can still use this thread to talk also you can join a discord I just made for you guys to talk to each other and collab have fun and good luck!
P:S this is not the full link it wouldnt let me post it.