1. Daniel Loaiza

    Gaming Looking for Gamers (PC) round 14-16 years of age to collaborate and create a group with!

    Hey, my names Dan and on YouTube, I go by ME_Adrenaline. I would love to collaborate with some awesome content creators! I am 15 years of age. I am located in Australia so we can work around time-zones and recording sessions. I play games likes CS:GO, Paladins, Minecraft (rare occasions)...
  2. VictorLight

    First Video Here! | Paladins Montage

    Hello everyone! :D I've been on here for a few days and I love it a lot, but this is my first time posting on the video forum because I didn't have the access to it (explains why I'm broke now) So yeah I've made a montage on Paladins, the video isn't that new but it's my latest as I'm kinda...
  3. IcyCell

    Gaming Want to do a collab, im down (ps4, in june pc)

    whats up im just a small youtuber with a dream to make people happy with my content and i want to create a group of people who have the same dream ps4 i play fortnite, paladins, world of tanks, crossout and any suggestions pc i play town of salem, cards against humainty and any suggestions
  4. FloFloBear

    Let's Play Paladins: How to win playing support

    Hey everyone! Watch my second youtube video on the Paladins game with commentary. Let me know any feedback. Thank you! :)
  5. DTay Chaos

    So i think i broke paladins....

    this was too funny to me i had to record this
  6. T

    Gaming Looking for Collab Group!

    Hi i'm a small youtuber (21 subscribers) that is looking for a group to record with. I haven't uploaded in about three months of making this thread due to school and just not having the motivation to record by myself. I find that Ill record more and have better content if I'm recording with...
  7. Diabetus

    Gaming PC Youtuber Group! Ready to Collab! 13+ Years Old Only

    Hello There! Im Kaden Knowles, 16 Years Old. I Have a Youtube Channel with 117 Subscribers at the Time Of Writing This. Me and my Friends are looking for Friends to Collaborate on The PC With! All Games Are Welcome, But we mostly Play The Following: Paladins, Garry's Mod, Modded Minecraft...
  8. BDKYoutube

    Gaming Looking for people to join a collaboration group

    Title says it all really: I'm looking for people who want to collaborate and record with some relaxed people. We can collab on games like CSGO, gmod, OverWatch, Paladins, Heroes of the Storm, Space Engineers and lots of other games too. Doesn't matter how many subs you have and as long as you...
  9. ProfessionalRik

    Awesome Montage [Paladins]

    I put together some of my spare clips from Paladins, along with some awesome bonuses and set it to my music maker Ritorikal's awesome jam, Jive. Check it out! If you like it, please gimme a thumbs up! If you like ME and my ideas, you can subscribe here >>>
  10. I

    Gaming 15 y/o looking to colab.

    I am not a spender on videogames, I play mostly free games on pc and mobile. My channel consists of paladins, btd battles and one roblox vid. Currently getting some raft up there and If you want to play with me and are around the same age as I am then feel free to hmu. If you haven't played...
  11. Rokymori

    Gaming Gaming Collaborations

    Description: I'm looking for others to collaborate with on certain games. I do plan on editing and posting the collaborations if they go well. If you meet the requirements below, just reply to the thread and ill try to respond as fast as I can. Also, I only play on PC. Requirements: Ages: 14 -...
  12. Baylze

    An Overwatch Player Tries To Play Paladins

    Hello everyone, my name is Bailey, better known as Baylze! If you enjoyed the video, then a like & comment would be much appreciated! If you REALLY liked the video - then subscribe to the channel for more awesome Gaming content! :D ▼▼▼▼▼ SOCIAL STUFF! ▼▼▼▼▼ Facebook | Afraid not. Instagram |...
  13. CrystalNexxus

    Gaming Paladins Funny Moments Collaborations

    i'm looking for people to collab with, you need Paladins (its free), Skype or Discord, A Good Microfoon and thats it. if you wanna contact me just put your skype down here or ask for a dm My twitter is @ItzMetic
  14. B

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration in most games

    Hi I have a small YouTube account and I was wondering if you have games like Arma 3 , gmod , Euro truck simulator 2 ,left 4 dead 2 and paladins I could Collab and I'm 14 years old.And my Skype is bennaughton114
  15. Taso

    Commentary Looking to collab.

    Just a small(er) channel, and wouldn't mind doing a collab with someone who gets my sense of humor. I do life stories and things of the like, so please check my videos and see if that's something you'd be able to work with. The games I play are Warframe and Paladins because my a** is broke lol...
  16. The Happy Gamer


    Paladins may be a lot like Overwatch, but I don't care! I'm enjoying the crap out of it!!!
  17. T

    Gaming Looking for Collab Mainly *Overwatch* 13-16 years old

    Im looking for someone to collab with. Requirements: -have at least 10 subs -must be 13-16. Anything lower or higher would just be weird -must have at least one of these games: Overwatch, Paladins, Tf2 -have a decent mic with not much background noise -must be on Europe -must have a decent...

    Request [Free] I need a outro For free.

    I want a new outro for free. The main games i play in my channel Bloons Monkey city, Roblox, and Paladins.