20 subs

  1. Henners

    Please review my channel

    Hi, I just reached 20 subs and thanks for all of your support. Could you give me some tips and advice to help me improve the quality of my content so I can continue to grow. Thanks
  2. Henners

    Hey, I got to 20 Subs

    Thanks for all of your support. Please could you give some tips and advice to help improve my content.
  3. Chicken Tendies

    Just got 20 subs

    If we get to 50 my friend will do a challenge (a proper challenge no try not to laugh or whatever)
  4. Keg Man

    20 subs.

    Well 21 at any rate, Have been creating for about 5 weeks now. I'm not sure if its a good rate of growth but if 21 people are happy to hear me drone on then i'm happy!
  5. T

    Gaming Looking for Collab Group!

    Hi i'm a small youtuber (21 subscribers) that is looking for a group to record with. I haven't uploaded in about three months of making this thread due to school and just not having the motivation to record by myself. I find that Ill record more and have better content if I'm recording with...
  6. xX_pwn5lyr_Xx

    20 Subs, my Brethren!

    My channel is small, but we made a quick journey to 20 subs! I can't wait to upload more and have fun making videos!
  7. JRuncie

    Hello to 20 subs

    I suspect the majority of these have come from fellow YouTubers like you, the individual who took the time to click into this thread. Thank you. No doubt if you read through some of my posts there is a consistent theme that our Vlog was created with our move in mind targeting our friends and...
  8. Joshua Solano

    I already have 20 subscribers with almost 2000 views on my channel!

    Hi! As you've read in the thread, I've got 20 subscribers with almost 2000 views! That's mental. The amount of effort I've put in the channel is quite gruesome, but worth it. Check out my channel guys and help Maharlika grow! :) Search these terms if you have time: kickass Filipina actress who...
  9. Phever Phazer

    The most appreciated 20 subscribers!!!!

    To the people that gave me a chance, the fellow youtubers that saw something in my channel or the unknowns that see my potential.....................THANK YOU!!!!! This is the first of many milestones to come!!!
  10. TheTNGMen

    20 subs! Hells yeah!!!

    So hyped! Woke up this morning and saw that we picked em up over night :D Such a wierd, bubbly feeling, adrenaline causing confusion, don't know words AHHHHHHHH~
  11. Zivlon


    Well, we did it once again people. 10 more subscribers in only less than two months! I posted a thread last month of a milestone that means a lot to me. 10 subscribers and 200 video views. If we keep this up, we will have one hundred subscribers in October! I hope that we achieve this goal...