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Hey I'm just a small Youtuber with 15 subs. I know that's not a lot and that's okay. I just want to meet people who like to have fun recording and goofing around and so much more. Im just a chill guy and I love to goofy around. I dont ask much from people. All I want to have a group of friends to record and grow together and have fun while doing that.

I just want people that are chill and must be at least 14+ years of age. Also have some of the same games I have. I play CSGO, Gmod, rocket league, H1Z1, minecraft, a little bit of warframe, I want to play cards against humanity. Oh and for the last part I want people who know how to make badass thumbnails lol :p

If you want to contact me just add my Steam, Discord, Skype

Steam is moredaki321 or ReMixzGaming

Discord is ReMixzGaming #4895

Skype is mineturtle45

If there's anything for me to improve on my channel please tell me. Thank You and have an awesome day :p
Hey, I'm 13, but I hope that isn't a problem... I am mature, I promise! I am not one of those noob 8 year olds lying and saying they are older than they actually are. Plus, the majority of the people that want 12 or 13+ collab YTers are either too busy to respond, gave up their YT channel, or already found a collaborater. Please accept my Skype friend request. -Epiko
Hi dude I just added you on discord.Unfortunately I don't have the games that you stated but maybe we can help each other in another way.Oh and about the thumbnails,maybe I can help you out.Peace out man.

"Gaming is not a crime"
Hey, whats up this seems like a great opportunity as i want to start Youtube with some friends and i am a pretty funny guy, but i am 13 so idk if u still want to collab. I have every game u listed and im online often and rarely busy for more than 10 mins unless in a comp match of csgo xD. Ill send u a freind request on each let me know if u want to collab

Edit: Also i know how to make epic thumbnails since ive been doing YT for 4 years (2013 - 2017) i started new channel to put everything i learn too the test :/