1. IcyCell

    Gaming WANT TO PLAY H1Z1 PS4?

    My name is bakarainic and I play H1Z1 but at the moment i havent posted any and I'm trying to get good and also trying to find a crew of YouTubers and streamers so if u like this then comment PSN name Clynch_YT dont ask y it is that it was my old chsnnel
  2. Icon

    Gaming PS4 H1Z1 and game review collabs. Im from the uk.

    I'm looking for collab's for my channel. I do game reviews, game news and soon PS4 gameplay on H1Z1. I have been doing video's/streaming for 2 years now and i have recently dropped twitch tv to focus on youtube video's. I generally want to entertain my audience so I do not care on how many subs...
  3. Grifn4ge

    Gaming YouTube and Twitch Gamers

    I'm a new YouTuber/Twitch Streamer, and want to collaborate with other people. I will be playing lots of games on Steam and some on Xbox 360 and PS4. Respond to this thread if you are interested. BTW I have TeamSpeak3, Discord, and Skype and can record almost whenever. Discord- Grifn4ge#7528...
  4. L

    Gaming Looking to get back into YouTube

    Hi, My channel's name is name is Luke.M16 (You have to go look it up on YouTube if you want to see it) I haven't posted in a while and I deleted all of my videos so I'm basically starting at square one I am looking for some people to collab with and play games with. Games I have: Gmod CS:GO...
  5. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with on PC

    I have CS:GO, H1Z1:KOTK, and Garry's Mod are the main games I play. The only thing I ask is that you are 16 or older, and have an active YouTube channel. I mainly play CS:GO and I'm awful. I already have 2 other friends, Jolttix and YaBoyMerp. Please go to my channel before you comment and...
  6. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming PC collab

    Hey I'm just a small Youtuber with 15 subs. I know that's not a lot and that's okay. I just want to meet people who like to have fun recording and goofing around and so much more. Im just a chill guy and I love to goofy around. I dont ask much from people. All I want to have a group of friends...
  7. A

    Gaming NEED A H1Z1 Partner or Gang - AUS PC

    Yo I need someone or a fives group for H1Z1 only for Aussie servers Hopefully a player or players that understands the game and can get some kills If they are godly even better haha Add me on steam - agentbase
  8. T


    hi i am Zee. I am looking for collaborations for csgo and other games. I want funny people as this will bring more viewers. i have 209 subscribers and i do not care about your subscribers i just want the personality. I do not accept people who has a big pride as this will bring bad name to our...
  9. T


    Hello! so i am Zee. I mostly play steam games... I am looking for funny people who are comedians so the collab group can be famous. I also need active people :) The max span of the group is 10! i am limiting the group so that we can be close to each other like the vanoss group... I am idolizing...
  10. A

    Gaming Australian PS4 & PC Gamers - Message Me Below

    Hello, Anyone that lives in Australia and would like to collab on PC or PS4 send me a message I play competitive COD on Infinite Warfare PS4 On PC I have Arma 3, The Forest, H1Z1 JS & KOTK, LoL, CoD 4, Garry's Mods and other games It would be wicked to have a group of gamers to play with Thanks
  11. theAchilless

    Opinion of Achilles

    Yo! I've started a new YouTube channel and started uploading also. I think my videos are off to a good start, but I would love the opinion of other people. If you could, please look at my channel and tell me your opinion of what is good, bad, and what could be improved. Be blunt and be honest...
  12. jeffisflash

    Gaming DayZ, Dead By Daylight, h1z1 kotk COLLABORATION!

    Hey i want to start uploading the games above on my channel! if anybody as well wants to start uploading this or already has a series and wants to collab id love to play these games! 5v5s, search for loot and be a bandit or friendly, or run from the killer! -You must be 14-16 years old. i am...
  13. Afam

    Gaming Looking For A Gmod (Garrys mod) Collaborate

    Hey everyone I am looking for some to record with on pc. You Must be willing to record regularly,I Have A small group called jinx squad but im looking for someone that love to record regularly,not all the time.We are looking for people who are Passionate about YouTube, and Strive to give others...
  14. SassyAngel112

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab!

    Hey! I am a PC gamer I also play on console just don't really upload gameplays from there. Haha. I am looking for someone who is interested in doing a video on Minecraft, CSGO, Gmod, H1Z1, or anything else if you have some recommendations! I would like for you to have around the same amount...
  15. C

    Gaming Looking for people to colab with!

    I just recently started on Youtube! I make videos like funny moments, gameplays, commentaries, and other stuff. I have only posted 3 videos, one of which was an introduction, but the other two are on Rainbow Six Siege. I play games like Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Rocket League, and H1Z1! If you...
  16. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC YouTube Squad!

    Hello everyone! I'm DreaM or Lewis and I'm looking for some cool people to play games with on PC. I live in the UK and am 16 years old. My channel is DreaM HD, in case the link at the bottom doesn't work, search it. If you guys want to join just leave your YouTube channel link down below and...
  17. T

    new to youtube and wish to welcome everybody!

    Wassup guys, let me start off by saying my name is tribe but I call my gaming channel tribex12. I do gaming and plan on expanding beyond on that. Mostly right now I play all the big sport games such as FIFA Madden & NBA 2k but I also play cpu games likes H1Z1. I recently just started my gaming...
  18. Ninja

    UNDERWEAR GANG | H1Z1 Battle Royale | Funny Moments

    *DISCLAIMER: Some jokes may be offensive to some viewers* Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right?

    Gaming PC gaming collab

    Hey there! I'm interested in collaborating with people. I mainly play cs:go, h1z1, and gta but I'm pretty open to trying out new games. My channel is mainly about having fun and making people laugh. I do usually have a group of friends I play with but we're open to playing with new people and we...
  20. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Looking for some PC gamers to collab with

    Hey guys! I'm looking for some cool people to play some PC games weith! Preferably between 13 and 17 years old. The games I have and would be up for playing are: Call of Duty series Star Wars Battlefront FIFA 16 H1Z1 DayZ Battlefield 4 Dead Realm The Forest GTA 5 Miscreated Portal 2 Rainbow...
  21. G

    Gaming Recently Made a New channel

    So I recently made a new channel, Planning on doing games like chivalry,h1z1 project zomboid etc.. Would be cool to play with some other people and grow my channel along with them. My last channel had 900subs but wanted a fresh new start