Gaming PS4 H1Z1 and game review collabs. Im from the uk.


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I'm looking for collab's for my channel.
I do game reviews, game news and soon PS4 gameplay on H1Z1.
I have been doing video's/streaming for 2 years now and i have recently dropped twitch tv to focus on youtube video's.
I generally want to entertain my audience so I do not care on how many subs people have that want to collab.
I specifically said i'm from the uk, because if your not, we might not be able to play together due to me being on EU servers. But i am still open to all nationality's featuring on game reviews.
I'm happy to work with everyone as long as communication is good, in other words only if i can understand your ascent and we have a mutual interest in gaming.

I DO RECOMMEND every one that is considering this callab to watch one of my video's because i am known for a strong sense of humor which may offend some content creators.