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  1. Spad6s

    Gaming Looking for a content creator who is consistent in uploads and makes funny content (PC) 17+

    Hey, i'm Spad6s. My content is all about funny moments on different games that i play. However, i have made a second new channel which i want to make funny moment videos with a group of Youtubers on games such as call of duty, CS:GO, Gmod and maybe some others. P.S - i'm a decent player at...
  2. L

    Gaming Gaming Collaboration

    Hey There,My Name Is LivingWithGaming And That Would Also Be My YouTube Channel Name. I'm A Muslim-Malaysian Youtuber Who's Also Does An English Gaming Commentary Videos.I'm Looking For Someone To Collaborate With That Has All The Requirements Needed Like... REQUIREMENTS: 1.Must Be Over 13-16...
  3. Icon

    Gaming PS4 H1Z1 and game review collabs. Im from the uk.

    I'm looking for collab's for my channel. I do game reviews, game news and soon PS4 gameplay on H1Z1. I have been doing video's/streaming for 2 years now and i have recently dropped twitch tv to focus on youtube video's. I generally want to entertain my audience so I do not care on how many subs...