Gaming Looking for a content creator who is consistent in uploads and makes funny content (PC) 17+


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Hey, i'm Spad6s.

My content is all about funny moments on different games that i play. However, i have made a second new channel which i want to make funny moment videos with a group of Youtubers on games such as call of duty, CS:GO, Gmod and maybe some others.

P.S - i'm a decent player at some games but I play them mostly for fun.

I guess i'm trying to find other content creators who do funny moments by either making stupid jokes so having a great sense of humour. My channels content will range from clips to full video about funny moments to random game clips. As i said, my second channel is small, so i'm not too worried about the subscriber count, i care about your personality and how much we can have fun at a game.

I don't really care about time zones but it would be better if it was the UK because i'm not really a night person.

I will link my channels so you can see what kind of content i do and to see if you would fit in.

- good mic (no back ground noises, crackles and so i can hear you)
- age 17+
- Be Consistent
- Must be PC
- Allowed to do dark humour
- and just enjoy yourself

If you feel like you fit in and want to reach out, you can message me on here or join my discord so we can chat on there. Found that names don't work half the time so here's a server

- discord link -

- my discord name - Spad6s#7715

My YouTube channels

Main channel

(148) Spad6s - YouTube

Second channel

(148) Im Spad6s - YouTube

Thanks for reading this and hope to game with some of you soon :)
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