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  1. Spad6s

    Gaming Looking for a content creator who is consistent in uploads and makes funny content (PC) 17+

    Hey, i'm Spad6s. My content is all about funny moments on different games that i play. However, i have made a second new channel which i want to make funny moment videos with a group of Youtubers on games such as call of duty, CS:GO, Gmod and maybe some others. P.S - i'm a decent player at...
  2. HanniBruh

    Gaming PC EU 18+ COLLAB

    Waddup bros. My name's Hanni, I'm 21 and I upload funny moments from different games that I play such as CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, PUBG, GTA 5 and so on. I'm looking for a couple of lads that play similar games and wanna make a group. Requirements: 1. Must be 18+ 2. Have sense of...
  3. Doodel

    Need a bit of help

    So I just uploaded a video yesterday, it's a ''GamingLemon'' type video. And I think it's good, but was wondering what others think. And also, if I was to try and grow, should I only upload videos like them (Which would have to be every month or something, because I would have to wait for new...
  4. Ironchad

    Gaming Funny moments youtubers (XBOX)

    Hello would you like to record with my friends H2O Toonlink fluky and grechythesniper possibly long term. requirements 300+ subscribers and consistent views of 50+ on each video at least 14 or older and make videos consistently How to get in touch with me well you can comment on one of my...
  5. unevenflaps

    Adversity: PUBG funny moments

    Hey everyone, more funny stuff compiled into this digestible time capsule of mental breakdowns, hope ya enjoy
  6. RTBFrebel

    Gaming So You Think You're Funny Huh?

    Hey guys, Red here. I am tryng to creat a youtube/gaming group. I guess you can say it's like Vanoss or Fitz and them but I'm just trying to have fun and entertain people. The main focus of this is to have fun, make some funny moments, and entertain. I am hoping this can be a long lasting group...
  7. unevenflaps

    What's good or bad about my channel?

    Hello everyone just looking for some insight into how i can improve my YouTube channel, upload schedule and thumbnails could be better so not so much about that but more the content, production quality, did it keep your attention? Is the content succeeding in making you laugh? Cheers to anyone...
  8. unevenflaps

    Car trouble: PUBG funny moments

    Hello everyone, cars fall onto me, cars i'm in flip throwing me out and many other plans go wrong, hope ya enjoy.
  9. unevenflaps

    Custom games: Rocket League funny moments

    Hey guys had some laughs replacing the ball with a giant cube in rocket league, here are some highlights
  10. unevenflaps

    Own goals: Rocket league funny moments

    There are some bad own goals and misses in this one, hope you enjoy
  11. unevenflaps

    Gaming mashup series

    Hey guys, if you are looking for a funny moments video series taken from various games then i hope you enjoy this, or just generally have a laugh, cheers for reading
  12. unevenflaps

    Jumping long range shotgun kill: PUBG funny moments

    Hey everyone, i haven't played PUBG in a while but when i cam back to it i had some great laughs, managed to put them into this video, hope you enjoy p.s there is a filthy shotgun kill at the start
  13. unevenflaps

    Rocket league funny moments

    Hey everyone, i've had so much fun with rocket league recently here are some funny moments. Any feedback is appreciated and i hope you enjoy
  14. S

    Gaming The Next Vanoss Gaming Crew! GMOD, GTA, Errything! :D

    I'm glad you ran across this. I've recently started YouTube and I'm gonna hit it hard this year. I watch Vanoss Gaming, Lui Calibre, H20 Delirious, all of 'em (I mean, who doesn't?). I would love to find a group of people, or make a group of people, like that to record and grow with! I'm up for...
  15. Atomicred

    Making Friends with the Noose on GTA (Funny moments)

    What do you think of the video?
  16. Roosterdcosta


    Hi I'm RuiDC and I'm looking for 2-5 people to record, play with and have fun on games. Requirements: Age 13+ (I'm 15) Have a PS4 or PC Have some of the games I have Games I play on PS4: GTA V, Rocket league, Destiny 2 (when it comes out) Warframe, BloodBorne, Terraria, Minecraft (but I won't...
  17. K00KIE01

    Gaming Looking for collabs with people 200+ subs(xbox/pc) I make funny moments content.

    I make funny moments content. -(xbox/pc) -200+ subs
  18. Domo

    Gaming Looking for a crew

    How's it going man? Good alright now let me cut to the chase lol. I'm looking for people to make a group. A crew you could say. It's not going to be that Faze clan s**t No. it's going to be a content creation crew, where we record together and grow together. I like your editing style and your...
  19. CyHy-Crucify

    Gaming PC Overwatch Collaborations

    Hey I'm CyHy/ Crucify I make Overwatch videos on PC (EU Server), I have just over 2 thousand subs, I'm looking for people who make similar content to my own, have a similar personality and have a similar amount of subs to me :) I make highlights and funny moments montages and I try and upload...
  20. GG Nation


    I can't believe that I have made it this far. I just was making videos to make some of my friends laugh and bring a smile to them. I never expected that 100+ people would enjoy the same vids! Just want to a shout out and thank you to all those who have subbed to me even though I know they...
  21. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking for Youtube collaboration long-term partners!

    We are KOTCH (Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts) and we are 5 friends that work on this channel. Our content consist of funny moments, let's plays, vlogs, guides, horror games, gears of war, gmod, and plenty more! We have 155 subs if that matters, but your subscriber count does not matter to us...

    Call of duty infinite warfare | Infected funny moments

    so today we are going to be playing call of duty infinite warfare! so its time for infected! me and Hectic blizzards played a few matches and managed to get some funny scenes XD, so i hope you enjoy the video guys love you all.
  23. MajesticBox

    Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay - Funny Moments, Glitch

    Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay - Funny Moments, Glitch In battlefield 1 there is so much crazy stuff going on in the multiplayer gameplay.
  24. U

    Gaming Looking For Partners/Friends (PC)

    So far I have found 2 people that I'm thinking about having collaboration 1 I have confirmed that I will be collabing with but I feel like I need a little more people in this group so I'm gonna repost the last post I made hope your interested I'm looking for someone to collab with, and not...
  25. vT Injustice

    Gaming Funny Group Collaboration!

    So I've been on a lack of content for about a few weeks now and I want to start getting back into the grind of things. I want to start moving towards a more funny moments based channel and sometimes that can be a hard thing to do solo. I'm a very small YouTuber (14 subscribers) but I'm willing...
  26. WinterstrikegamingYT


    Hey whats going on guys!Today I have decided to start a new funny moments group with my friend.If you guys watch the Vanoss crew and have had dreams to do the same as them then look no further because here it is.If you play on PC ONLY then here is the chance to make that dream come true.If you...
  27. k3rbs

    Gaming Xbox One Funny Group Collaboration!!

    Hey, I'm currently a small youtuber looking to start funny moments as the base of my channel, my first videos haven't been the way I want them and just aren't meeting what I think my channel should be. I'm looking for people who just want have fun and do really funny stuff. No competitive stuff...
  28. WinterstrikegamingYT

    Gaming Vanoss 2.0 Group(PC ONLY)

    Hey whats going on guys!Today I have decided to start a new funny moments group with my friend.If you guys watch the Vanoss crew and have had dreams to do the same as them then look no further because here it is.If you play on PC ONLY then here is the chance to make that dream come true.If you...
  29. I

    Gaming Looking for Someone to Lets Play with PS4

    Hi I'm starting a new YouTube channel and looking for a Let's Play partner. I'm looking for someone to do funny moments with but also play single player games together.. kinda like game grumps for an example. Looking for anyone - +18 years old - have ps4 - good mic because i talk through...
  30. Ocean Does Youtube

    Gaming Smite Funny Moments Collab | PC

    im looking for a youtuber that i will be able to record and play smite with. any sub count. the person should be open to comedic acting or skits. (see my latest video for an idea of what i mean) open to new ideas and i hope to get in touch with some one soon the best way to contact me is...