Gaming Looking for collabs with people 200+ subs(xbox/pc) I make funny moments content.

my channel's been dead due to a lack of people to play with, your channel is the same model I'm eventually going for, contact me on discord at parkeyfinn#1632 or skype at qpcdavidson
I'm interested, I also make funny moments content but I haven't uploaded in a while since I've been a bit buys so if u want to check out my channel and see if u like my videos and let me know
I sure as hell don't have 200+ subs but I do make funny moment videos. If you're ever on CS:GO or Garry's Mod, I'm down.
I'm down. I'm trying to get back into YouTube and I did make funny moment videos, you can look at my channel for the videos I made!
My Discord is MSgtDiamond #2696