collab 400 subs

  1. Edward Okechukwu

    Gaming Looking for pc gamers to form a crew with

    I'm not really strict on when you should be available to record but often will be nice. age requirement 15+ - Gmod - Rocket League - Friday the 13th - Titanfall 2 If you have any of those games and wanna join the crew, then hit me up on discord 3LX#9937
  2. R

    Other Looking for tech youtuber that wants to collab!

    Hello, im a Apple technology youtuber with 320+ subs, I am looking for someone else who does a similar thing to me and we could collab, please ask any questions thx
  3. K00KIE01

    Gaming Looking for collabs with people 200+ subs(xbox/pc) I make funny moments content.

    I make funny moments content. -(xbox/pc) -200+ subs
  4. TheAlphaBond

    Other Collab with London Youtubers for Challenges

    Hey Guys, Kawan here from The Alpha Bond, We do videos on challenges, skits, and other group videos. We were looking for some other youtubers in London who do similar things to us the help each other grow. So take a look at our You Tube channel, We've only just started and are doing pretty well...
  5. caliInfinite

    Other Collab Anyone?

    Hello I'm Cali, A gay boy and I am looking for anyone that would like to collab on something. My brain is open to any ideas, thoughts, and reason. You can get a hold of me via email- I am not a fan of gaming though so I will not do a collab on that. The link to my...
  6. ImQualified_

    Other LA Youtubers?

    Looking for youtubers across los angeles that would be down to collab with me! I am from los angeles obviously lol, so if you are down to film hmu, as i make cinematic videos with drone footage! it's super dope hmu on twitter! @MrQualified_
  7. ogelove

    Other I want someone to collab with,am into Entertainment and beauty

    hey great youtubers ,my channel is all about Entertainment and new just like a week old. looking for great collb to improve my views and sub..... thanks and keep smiling...****cheers***
  8. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to join my Crew!

    Hi my name is Riley, My YouTube name is 'Rallex'. My one friend left the group which really broke my heart as he was really funny and really connected with my friend Kerry which made our videos together hilarious. I'm looking for three to five more members, we all don't need to play at the same...
  9. Sofia360

    Vlog Hola Chic@s! - COLLABORATION 330 Subs- Latin/Spanish Youtuber´s

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who would like to collaborate for a Video. Currently I have 330 Subs ;) ....... yes not the world but consistently growing. I would be open for any kind of collaboration so lets get in contact and start to move things. (Living in Vienna - Austria) Besos...
  10. RReview

    Gaming Looking for aproachable, Experienced Collabists! [PC]

    Hey there! Just recently, I have wanted to do more collabs with people around my own size [300-500 subs] [80-300 views per video] and I want YOU to be a part of it! Leave down below all of these details, tell me why you'd like to collab and I will be in touch within a day! 1| Channel Link 2|...