Gaming Looking for YouTubers to join my Crew!


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Hi my name is Riley, My YouTube name is 'Rallex'. My one friend left the group which really broke my heart as he was really funny and really connected with my friend Kerry which made our videos together hilarious. I'm looking for three to five more members, we all don't need to play at the same time but I'd like more people so we can switch videos up now and then with different people. We can grow Channels together and have tons of fun.

I'm looking for anyone from age of 16-25 that has a good computer, very decent Microphone, good internet connection so we don't have lag for people, must have Garry's Mod definitely. Looking for people that are funny and that can say some random stuff sometimes or yell weird things now and then to make videos unique and hilarious.

We can talk more later in a email. My email is

Would love to meet new friends! :) Thank You.

hi my name is Michael other wise known as MicroMike and i am 16 but i have a really good pc well...pretty good not one of those god pcs that you see with famous YouTubers it has a 4gb video card 8gb of ram amd 6300 6 core processor but i just bought a new 8350 and that will be here next week anyway i have gmod and a bunch of other games and yes good internet connection lol i post funny gaming videos the link at the bottom of this post doesn't work for some reason so if you want to see my vids go to YouTube and type in MicroMike filter channels and i am the one with 80 subs i would love to be part of a big group, right now i only have one person in my group and his name is Mr. Quakers he is brand new and only has 12 subs but hes funny and pretty cool anyway i really hope to be a part of your group my discord is MicroMike#6300[DOUBLEPOST=1495059062,1495059007][/DOUBLEPOST]oh and i forgot to say but i do have a face cam and i do those occasionally