gmod collab

  1. M

    Gaming Looking for people for Gmod skits

    Hey everyone, I currently am looking for people to record gmod skits with. Let me explain. I have a YouTube channel called, Gamnetics. I only really have one video on the channel but I am a experienced editor. Garry's mod is full of content, new or old, content that can be made from almost any...
  2. Zapadap

    Gaming Looking for PC/PS4 peeps to record with.

    In the process of getting back into YouTube as of right now. I’m not gonna lie, I did take a 2 year hiatus from YT for some reasons, but I’m back and ready to get into the full swing of things with other serious content creators, ready to put smiles on peeps faces. I’m 23 looking for people...
  3. xxTemplar

    Gaming New Channel- looking for GMod players to collab with.

    Hiya! I just started my YouTube Channel- the subscriber count is close to nothing. To make my first video, I wanted to find some people to collab with on GMod. I found a Portal Deathrun map on Steam and we could play that (unless you have any other maps you wanna do.) My Discord is...
  4. MAGnify

    Gaming Fortnite, Gmod, CS Etc (ACTIVE PEOPLE)

    Hey guys my names Mike and I'm currently sitting under 200 subscribers and I'm restarting my channel. Im looking for a group of people between 15-18 years old that play popular games such as those mentioned in the title. Im 17 :) Add me on Snapchat: iShartedToday Add me on Instagram...
  5. Iam_Son_Of_Odin

    Gaming Are you a Youtuber and record GMOD??

    Hey! Im about to start doing youtube, and some of the stuff I want to record is Garry's mod. Soo Im looking for someone else who want to play Gmod on private servers. My vision is to work hard with youtube so im planning to play alot everyday. Im planning to play Prop hunt, deathrun, guess...
  6. Minecraftreaperful

    Gaming Looking for a YT Gaming Group (Gmod/Minecraft)

    Hey ive already got one person but he doesnt have GMod and ive been really into it lately and have wanted to expand on it the requirements are be at least 16+ not be racist at all have Gmod and minecraft be able to play on mineplex hypixel and others and have a sense of humor Contact...
  7. BillBoardBombers

    Gaming Anyone down to collab? (Garry's Mod)

    Alright so I was thinking about collaborating with someone with a similar sized channel to mine (like 100 subs or smore) and I was thinking we could play either the Alien: Isolation gamemode or the Alien RP gamemode, but here's some info before anyone hits me up: - I can't record s**t because if...
  8. Charmike

    Gaming Looking for Steam Collabs

    Hello there person reading this Collaboration Thread! If you are intrested to make a collab with me , here is some requirements and info : Requirements : 40-70 Subscribers ATLEAST More Views than Subscribers (to make sure your channel is legit) You need Discord No need for mic (well atleast I...
  9. E

    Gaming Looking to play GMOD with other players

    I do some commentary, comedy and a little bit of trolling! I'd love to have a solid group of people that do the same thing.
  10. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to join my Crew!

    Hi my name is Riley, My YouTube name is 'Rallex'. My one friend left the group which really broke my heart as he was really funny and really connected with my friend Kerry which made our videos together hilarious. I'm looking for three to five more members, we all don't need to play at the same...
  11. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for PC YouTube gamers to join Crew!

    My name is Riley, I have three other friends Brandon, Aidan and Kerry. Games I have are ---------------------------- -Gmod -7 Days To Die We are looking for some people to join our crew must be around 17+ really good microphone and be able to play at least Gmod. Contact me back with your age...
  12. Raging Taurus

    Gaming PC/XBOX ONE YouTuber collabs

    I am looking for new youtubers who play PC and Xbox one. If you have these consoles let me know. I want to get a group together that will last.
  13. SmokeySpace

    Gaming Looking for people to play gmod with!

    Just looking for some people to play some Garry's mos with for some funny moments you can add me on steam @SmokeySpace or Skype @Smokey Space