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Hey everyone, I currently am looking for people to record gmod skits with. Let me explain. I have a YouTube channel called, Gamnetics. I only really have one video on the channel but I am a experienced editor. Garry's mod is full of content, new or old, content that can be made from almost any map or gamemode. Basically we choose a interesting map and a theme for the skit. Weither that be a bank heist, a CEO tower, or a movie theater. We create something funny, off the top of our heads or write it down. Take multiple takes for the final video then do a separate video for bloopers. I know it seems not very good for content but it really depends how you edit it. Click HERE for the one video I have on my channel so you can get a better idea for the skits. The only requirements I have is to be 18+ (The channel isn't a family friendly channel), have a decent microphone (no background noise for easier editing), just be creative. With more people, I want to do written skits. If you are interested, you can join my Discord server HERE or leave a comment on the video. Thank you! - Mellish


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