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  1. MattTries

    Gaming COLLAB WITH ME!! PS4/PC/XboxOne

    I'm a really friendly person who really likes to find new friends and new collaborations. I'm 14 years old and feel like I do Youtube really well for my age. I have around 340 to 350 subscribers, depending on when you read this. I have just about 150 videos and really would like to get more out...
  2. RTBFrebel

    Gaming Looking For Peeps To Record With

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to record with. I have a Discord server setup for everyone interested in recording. I am also looking for people in the server to be regular YouTubers to record with and a group of friends to banter with and make some fun content. Hope to see some of you in the...
  3. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to join my Crew!

    Hi my name is Riley, My YouTube name is 'Rallex'. My one friend left the group which really broke my heart as he was really funny and really connected with my friend Kerry which made our videos together hilarious. I'm looking for three to five more members, we all don't need to play at the same...
  4. Paranoia O Rigins

    Gaming PS4 Only - Looking for Gamers to Create Fun Gaming Content With!

    1st off Names Paranoia Origins, Whats up? I won't ask for a number of subscribers from anyone because I nearly have 40 myself lmao. I want and hope to bring together 3 people like a 4 man group and record our gameplays and having fun with whatever we end up doing. I'm not looking for the...
  5. I M O B 1

    Gaming Xbox one collab

    I'm looking for YouTube gamers on xbox one. Preferably 15+ Looking for someone frequent to be in my videos Sub count doesn't matter just be able to take jokes around with me. This would be sort of like a Partnership, if we continue to work well together then you will gain a special place in my...
  6. Kolbee Squire

    Comedy Comedy Collab

    If anyone is wanting to do a collab then hit me up. I may be a small YouTuber, but I got big plans:). I honestly dont care how many Subs or views you have, were all in this for the fun of it. We dont even have to meet-up. Just internet and some device you can make videos with and you'll be fine.

    Comedy LONDON public skits/videos/interviews COLLAB

    Basically I am going to start public pranks and interviews cause those seem to get views so hopefully I can grow my channel from that direction. Looking for anyone in LONDON who can collab on a regular basis to film public videos and so on, if you have DSLR camera that would be even better, I...
  8. Moospeaker

    Commentary Weird channel, weird collab

    So I don't know how to describe my channel accurately, I guess it's a mix of animation, comedy and thought provoking topics. I'm looking to do a collab with someone who makes similar content. There are no prerequisites really, only that you have a solid microphone, have the ability to write a...
  9. UltraNationOfficial

    Gaming >We're looking to Collaborate! Wanna' join us? (PC & PlayStation Exclusive)< Let's have a Laugh! xD

    Hey everyone! xD Are you looking for real-friends to collaborate with? so are we! We're aiming high-in-the-sky! for some beautiful people to join us on our quest to entertain the world; whilst having a laugh too (of course!) :winkphones: Don't be shy. We're looking for people who won't just sit...
  10. Frankie95


    Hellp, My name is Faisal, my channel is FrankobizTV. I'm looking to collab with someone who is also as determined as I am on Youtube. I have an idea for a prank in which I believe has never been done before on youtube. I will not be talking about the idea publicly here but I am willing to...
  11. UnaverageNorwegian

    Vlog Vloggers gameshow collab

    Hi guys, Im a fairly new vlogger / youtuber (28 sub 1100 views) who vlogs about myself, my adventures, Norway, my work, thoughts, ideas, and so on, i also try to be a bit funny and creative, and thats where this collab comes in. I have been playing around with an idea about a collab, where i...
  12. Nick Cerone


    I'm in the process of making my channel and I really want to get a good start and I'm looking for others that want the same for their channel! My channel is going to consist of sketches, pranks and much more content! I would love to collab with anyone I can!! Please email me!!
  13. Melee Vida

    Comedy 1,700 Subscribers. Looking For People Interested In Collab.

    It could be anything, I have lots of ideas, and I'm happy to hear yours too. Some Ideas would be, talking about something we have in common, a video response, a funny skit, a tag or challenge, a game. Whatever works :) You can message me on here, or you can message me on YouTube. My name is...
  14. Frankie95

    Comedy Collab... 100+ subs

    I'm looking to collab with someone around my area in San Diego or perhaps LA(not quite keen). Basically I make videos similar to that of Joe Sugg's, Caspar Lee, Oli White....etc but I'm not english. I've only started like 3 months ago and since summer is coming up I'd like to expand my youtube...
  15. javacentral

    Vlog Online collab?

    I know it can be tough getting a collab, but I was wanting to see, for a video or two, if anyone would want to skype or some form of video chat and just rant and rave on random things? I make videos about coffee but honestly, I'd be cool with a video on just about anything!
  16. LeraLera

    Comedy Looking for collaboration

    My channel includes a comedy series Behind The Blinds AKA Filmmaking 101 and comedy vlogs. Would love to collaborate with film review, vlogs comedy, web series channels. Check my channel and let me know if you're willing to collaborate. We are more than 600 subscribers for the first month and...
  17. Johnathonhatcher

    Commentary have a chat session with me

    unfortunatly i have almost no subscriber count so i cannot provide much exposure. However i am fairly wise and can offer much coversation and i try to bring humor to it. Im good at video editing and can help out in any way i can. My requirements are that you try to keep it professional. At least...
  18. MurrehHD

    Gaming Fun gamer? COLLAB TIME!!

    Im looking for fun and chilled out gamers (XBOX ONE) to collab with. On a variety of games. Hit me up on a game youd like to do i you have one specifically in mind. I tend to play and record on: -Fifa 16 -Black Ops 3 -GTA V -Rocket League -ARK but I can manage to get other game, depnding on...
  19. Zzblaster

    Comedy What (Useless) Superpower would you want?

    I'm working with other small youtubers to make a video about what (Useless) Superpower they would want. We have 3 people in the video so far, we're looking for at least 1 or 2 more people to be in it. If you want to help out in this all you have to do is edit a short clip (30 seconds to 40...
  20. Terrance

    Comedy Making a Kanye Inspired video need some help

    Ok so I'm making a video where Kanye's Accountant is giving out money manangement advice. Seeing as how kanye has got himself 53 Million in debt.. it should be some great advice. I figured id be a great way to collab with some you awesome folk and maybe send in a clip asking or some advice and...
  21. SmallSon

    Gaming PC Collab (serious)

    Requirments: •Chill people ONLY! •16+ (mature) •must upload frequently •decent mic (No baby crying in the background) •must want to have fun -looking for other small youtubers (currently at 26 subs) to collab with on multiple games list including •League Of Legends •Killing Floor 2 •Rocket...
  22. Court

    Other [New Youtuber] Pokemon collab?!

    Since its getting close to the 20th year of Pokemon, i thought it would be fun to do a Pokemon video! Maybe we could go over our favorite Pokemon town's myths or whatever! (Will go into it more if anyone is interested. ) I think i need to add this info in. Age: 22 I would talk over skype, ill...
  23. Dread Chemical

    GTA Online #6 - F****** Ramps!

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out his channel Franko - Hancha - Jacob -