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Hi guys,

Im a fairly new vlogger / youtuber (28 sub 1100 views) who vlogs about myself, my adventures, Norway, my work, thoughts, ideas, and so on, i also try to be a bit funny and creative, and thats where this collab comes in.

I have been playing around with an idea about a collab, where i make some questions about Norwegian language (many words in Norwegian have a totally different meanings in English etc) and the other vloggers (hopefully you guys, if you find my idea interesting). will have to answer / guess the meaning of them and so on,but to make it different from the usual Q&A Where you just film yourself answering, I want to do it "live" on skype. Everyone videotape themselves with their ordinary camera, while also being in a skype conference, That way everyone can respond to the other vloggers answers and also feed of each others energy. Then when we are all done everyone send me (or whoever has the best editing skills) the recordings, and i (or skill dude / chick) can edit it together like if we were in the same room and skype wasnt a part of the thing at all.

We can discuss how to edit it, and the details around it if anyone's interested :)

*The Max amount of people would be like 3-5 to keep the video within a reasonable time frame.
(And if we think its a success, we can do it again, but with another one of the vloggers as a "gameshow host" giving the rest of the group questions about what ever he or she feels like :) )

*You can not be Norwegian or understand Norwegian or any other scandinavian language.

*Since im fairly new to Youtube myself i dont feel like its fair to demand like 500 subscribers +.. But the more you have the better it is for me and the others involved i guess :p

*Timeframe for the collaboration is uncertain as we need to find a time where it works for everyone.

*I imagine the skype conference will take about 20-40 min,depending on the number of contestants and theire answers/reactions and stuff like that

*You must have a webcam AND a video recorder with decent quality (1080p)

*If you want to join in just write me here, or at mantiques29@gmail.com

PS: I dont know if this has been done before so dont shoot me if someone did this before :p

Hope someone would like to try this with me :D
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I think this is a really good idea! it would probably be a very funny/ interesting video too! clever idea! :) I'd be down!
awesome guys! look like this thing is still going to happen :D
lets wait a little longer, to see if there will be a 4th contestant ,
And then we'll talk and set this up! :)