1. JLD

    Other Football/Soccer Edits

    Hi- I have a channel where I make football edits and wondered if anyone else on here is as well. I have just under 150 subs and would be good if anyone would want to collab?
  2. OfficialAuxiliary

    Commentary Looking for YouTuber wanting success.

    Hello fellow YouTuber, If you are looking for people to collaborate with stop right here. I have put together a team of hard working YouTubers just like you, and have made it easy to gain real success fast and the only way to do that in today's day in age on YouTube is to help each other out...
  3. Jamethan

    Gaming Looking for Fun content creators to collab and create a group with!

    Hey guys, how you doing? great? that's good man, that's real good! looking to create a group of content creators to accelerate all of our channels. I'm a youtuber who has just started a 2 weeks ago but started taking it seriously 1 week ago. I have 14 subs and have a huge passion for getting...
  4. Chaz

    Gaming Looking For Collabs Over Many Different Games! (PC)

    Hey guys! I recently starting picking up my channel again after coming back from college and I am in need of people who want to collab. My schedule is pretty busy since I work a full time job, but I will try my best to find an opening where we can record. If interested let me know down below if...
  5. Jeffrey Saldana

    Vlog Any vloggers around san bernardino, rivererside or even los angeles looking to collab contact us.

    Looking for any type of collab not to distant from us to help grow each others channels. If you have any ideas or questions contact us so we can figure it out together and develop a better understanding.
  6. Divine Beauty

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone interested in a Collab? !

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a beauty guru who would love to Collab with me! I am a smaller YouTube channel trying to grow my channel and looking for new friends in the YT community!
  7. VisionSkillz

    Gaming [350+] PC/Steam Collab

    Hello! Here is a list of games that I have, please only add me on skype if you meet these "requirements". All on PC: -CSGO - Minecraft - Rocket League - GTA V - Garrys Mod - Far Cry 4 - Team Fortress 2 Also, I am looking into getting games such as Golf with Friends, Overwatch & Infinite...
  8. VisionSkillz

    What would you do?

    So, I've been doing YouTube for around 1 year properly on my channel. And I want to start off by saying YouTube is my DREAM job, nothing tops it. I just wanted to know your opinions on this, I've been stuck on what to do for a while on YouTube because I really want to grow, I want to know. how...
  9. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming [PC] Looking for a group of people to do funny moments with!

    Hello i am Rui or roosterdcosta an di would love to collab with any of you! I am from britain and am 14 year old and am looking fro people 14+ to do some funny moment videos with! I am looking for a group of about 4-5 to play games like: GTA 5 BO3 DEAD BY DAYLIGHT GMOD WAW ZOMBIES So yeah this...
  10. Zenova

    Gaming CS:GO Collab?

    Hey I'm Zenova, Hope you are having a good day! I am here to ask if someone wants to make a CSGO Collab with me,I like to make "Montage type things" you can see them on my channel! If you want to Collab we will add each other on skype and we can talk, and we will exchange CS:GO highlight...
  11. I

    Gaming Super edited funny moments vids group! Ages 14 - 18 (I'm 15 from UK) [Xbox one and/or PC]

    Hey guys I'm a UK based British Pakistani kid looking for collabs for funny moments vids! Before you ask for free curry (which I do distribute dont get me wrong) go check out my channel and if them types of vids look good to you hit me with a reply or comment on one of my vids. Im looking for...
  12. Roosterdcosta

    Gaming [PC] looking for a group of 3 more people to make funny moments vids!

    I wnat this group to be like vanoss and we can just chill have fun and make vids! games have are: -gmod -waw -BO3 -dead by daylight -also can you be over 13+ years of age (im 14) just contact me on steam at roosterdcosta thanks!
  13. UnaverageNorwegian

    Vlog Vloggers gameshow collab

    Hi guys, Im a fairly new vlogger / youtuber (28 sub 1100 views) who vlogs about myself, my adventures, Norway, my work, thoughts, ideas, and so on, i also try to be a bit funny and creative, and thats where this collab comes in. I have been playing around with an idea about a collab, where i...
  14. GamingRack

    Gaming Are you looking for a new guy to have on your podcast?

    It would be cool to join a group of people doing a podcast or to do a collaboration of some kind so if you're looking for another guy let me know although please be 18+ I don't really want to work with anyone younger. keep in mind im from england so I wont always be available depending on the...
  15. GamingRack

    Other Are you looking for a new addition to a podcast? Or maybe a collab of another type?

    It would be cool to join a group of people doing a podcast or to do a collaboration of some kind so if you're looking for another guy let me know although please be 18+ I don't really want to work with anyone younger.
  16. Zombieinva5ion

    Vlog Taking it to the next level

    Been doing youtube for awhile now and I'm trying to reinvent my channel. Looking for anyone and all who are willing to join me in collabing. ***Must be at least 16years old*** Here is what I'm looking to do: -Story Time -Pinterest attempts -Gaming -Advice -Challenges -Talking about today's...
  17. Littlelegeddan

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaberation [1000+ Subscribers]

    Hi This is open to anyone with over 1000+ subscribers, I will be collaberating with people on Minecraft via PC. We will be playing gamemodes and recording such as Survival Games & Skywars! If you are interested then feel free to contact me either Via YouTube, Twitter, Email or Skype! Contact...
  18. Jam Darko


    I recently hit 100 subs and although a lot are my friends supporting me it means a lot to me! I'm down for collabs to help towards the road to 200! Reply for details or info:')
  19. MRBenji

    Gaming You Wonna Collab? Read this Sweet Thread

    Hi Y'all, as the days of joining this beautiful community have gone by (3 Days) my subs are slowly going up even though ive not put much content out I'm still thinking of news content to create that includes collabs, with anybody, male/female, any age above maybe 17. i can collabe with any game...
  20. Dread Chemical

    Gmod A.I #5 - Pink Alien?

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out their channels Crowe - Ninja - Airborne -...
  21. A. Chanelle


    Hey guys, wondering if there are any Florida Youtubers? I have a vlogging channel and I'm working on my main channel. I'm 20, love going out to events, the arts, and being surrounded by it. I love meeting new people. :) I love traveling and food ^_^ I love creating, taking photos, and filming...
  22. HarryLeGiant

    Gaming GTA Collab (400 subs) XBOX One

    Hi my name is HarryLeGiant. I am looking to make a GTA squad on xbox one. I currently make rockstar editor videos but I am starting to run out of ideas and need some help. I have 400 subs (as of today) and I would ideally be looking to collab with someone with 200 - 500 subs. However if you can...
  23. PieVoy

    Gaming Collabs?

    Hey guys/girls it would be great if I could get a collab with anyone with a youtube channel the only restriction is that you have to have at least 10 Subscribers. Thanks! xD. If you want to collab here is ways to contact me: 1.Go to my channel (PieVoy) and comment on one of my videos 2.Email...
  24. MissAnnXo

    Other I'd love to collab with someone on a "Howto survive finals week." Video

    I'm a small YouTuber with a growing channel, I'm looking for someone to collaborate with on a video about how to survive finals week. If you're interested email me at Use the thread "YouTube collaboration"
  25. Christian Hartman

    Gaming Creating a long-term PC YouTube Group

    Who am I? My name is Christian, and I run SaveGame Productions. Who is SaveGame, We are a group of only 3. We started this because we play so many video games, We thought that we should record us playing them and make a YouTube Channel. Thus SaveGame Productions was born. It started off simple...
  26. itsnicksnider


    Looking for any would you rather them here please :)
  27. HarryLeGiant

    Gaming Funny Xbox GTA Group

    We have three people in our group. I am Harry and my channel name is HarryLeGiant. The second person is Kieran, his channel is TheKieranGamer and the third person is Lewis (Kierans friend). We don't care how many subscribers you have (I have about 200 atm) but we just want to make awesome funny...