Other Are you looking for a new addition to a podcast? Or maybe a collab of another type?


It would be cool to join a group of people doing a podcast or to do a collaboration of some kind so if you're looking for another guy let me know although please be 18+ I don't really want to work with anyone younger.
If you'd ever like a guest or occasional on your podcast and its about something I feel I can contribute to I'd love to join in. Only problem is I'm a girl but I am 21 and have a mostly male circle of friends. You seem like someone who would be fun to work with. I understand if you really don't want a girl in the mix but I'm here and open to it if you're interested. (also my channel link is to my main channel on which I am pg but I can appeal to an older audience as well as I'm really not pg at all in my everyday life).
thanks for the reply's guys although maybe I didnt make it completely clear, I was looking to join onto another persons already established podcast rather than start my own.