Comedy Looking for collaboration


My channel includes a comedy series Behind The Blinds AKA Filmmaking 101 and comedy vlogs.

Would love to collaborate with
film review,
web series channels.
Check my channel and let me know if you're willing to collaborate.
We are more than 600 subscribers for the first month and gonna be bigger.
Requirement to the partner:
- more than 500 subscribers.
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What exactly are you looking to collaborate on? We're a comedy channel, we do shorts or skits or sketches or whatever you like to call them. We haven't done anything in a while, but we're starting back up soon, and a collaboration would be a great way to kick things off.
we are ready to make together a vlog video together, but definitely it should be a comparable size and quality channel.
Hey there, I'm a comedy YouTuber myself and I'm really interested in collabing with you! I don't have nearly that many subscribers, but if you're looking to network and produce some hilarious content, let me know!
Not sure what you are looking for, but I have a decent sized channel with decent content. I'am more of a Let's Player, but I do have experience in reviewing movies, video games, and such.

I have around 1,800 subscribers currently and it grows daily, but just not so much the views on my videos..

Anyways, if you would like to work together let me know. I would first want to just talk on Skype and go from there and see what you would want to do.

I Just Wanted To Pop By To Let You Know That I Just Recently Discovered Your Channel,
Through a Friend Of Mine, Karl Wolfgramm, Who Showed Me Your Behind The Blinds Series xD
He Thought I'd Really Get a Kick Out Of Watching Your Videos, And He Was Right! ^^
SO FUNNY! xD Good Job! ^^

I Do All Of The Above, I'm Passionate About YouTube and Acting :)
Don't Have Over 500 Subscribers At The Moment, But If You Ever Wanna' Work With Me, Feel Free To Hit Me Up! ^^

Love Roux <3 ^^