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  1. J

    Vlog New VlogSquad?

    Hello there!! My name is Justin and I used to make vlogs not that long ago lol. So you may have heard of David Dobrik and his VlogSquad. Well I was thinking maybe there should be a new VlogSquad in town?! If you are over the age of 18 and live in or close to LA message me! Maybe we can be the...
  2. Ronnie Terry Jr

    Comedy Collaboration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Hello everyone, I was just curious as to whether there were any members near the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area? I would love to collaborate on some videos if possible. Thank you for your time!
  3. PracticalGaming

    Gaming Looking for collab on PC or Xbox One

    Hello everyone! My name is Jordan, I love playing video games, favorite rapper is Drake, I have a somewhat potty mouth so in this collaboration I am looking for someone who has a similar sense of humor. I just built a PC so I am just starting to play games online such as Roblox, Happy Wheels &...
  4. iFunnyVlogger

    Comedy Anyone want to collaborate?

    Hello! How are y'all doing? I've been wanting to collaborate with someone for some time now. I was wondering if anyone wants to collaborate. I do videos on tech, Minecraft, and stuff like that. I want to collaborate with a channel that does about the same stuff that I do and is family friendly...
  5. LeraLera

    Comedy Looking for collaboration

    My channel includes a comedy series Behind The Blinds AKA Filmmaking 101 and comedy vlogs. Would love to collaborate with film review, vlogs comedy, web series channels. Check my channel and let me know if you're willing to collaborate. We are more than 600 subscribers for the first month and...
  6. Wazupmynu33ets

    Gaming Xbox One youtuber. 19 yrs. old. Enjoy making content to make others smile!

    Hello! as I stated in my thread, I am 19 years old and enjoy making and editing youtube videos. I am a ful time college student, however, so a lot of my time is spent on school work, but I always make time to play onloine with my friends, especially if I'm thinking of recording. I want to get...
  7. RobCoxxy

    Gaming GTA Heists Collab [PC]

    Hi guys, one thing I've had in mind for quite a while is a four-way collab tackling the Criminal Mastermind Challenge on GTA Online's Heists. Four channels, four perspectives, four heists. Ideally looking for people GMT(+/- a couple of hours) for easier scheduling, and over 20s, purely because...
  8. jrobbarley

    Gaming Funny moments, gmod & other game collaborations

    Hey guys! Me and my friend have started a youtube channel. Reason being is that when we tend to play games together we end up being absolute clowns! We do have a few videos uploaded at the moment and if you're interested in this please send me a message and i will let you know all the details...
  9. Cris Lourenz Tan

    Gaming Looking for collaboration

    hey there everyone! im actually new here and im looking for someone to collaborate. If anyone that is interested with it just let me know down to the comment section! its not that great channel but surely soon with you guys :) Requirments For This is : > Playstation 4 My Games here is : GTA...
  10. TheSolarCat

    Gaming Anyone wants a bigger fanbase for the both of us? Click me!

    Hi my name is TheSolarCat.....which i think is an OG name....anyways i LOVE to record The types of games i play/record Xbox1/Xbox360: Call of duty, battlefield, fifa 16, gta5,smite,minecraft, and many more! PC: csgo, unturned, dayz,smite world of tanks/ships.......warthunder, league of legends...
  11. Challenge this

    Other looking for youtubers who want to collab with an eating challenge channel

    hey guys we are looking for other channels who want to collaborate with our channel to help eachother grow. we eat and drink crazy concoctions with comedy!