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I've Got It
Hi guys, one thing I've had in mind for quite a while is a four-way collab tackling the Criminal Mastermind Challenge on GTA Online's Heists.

Four channels, four perspectives, four heists.

Ideally looking for people GMT(+/- a couple of hours) for easier scheduling, and over 20s, purely because nobody likes squeakers. I'm not going to ask for only people with multiple thousands of subs to respond, because I'm not s****y. I'm all for helping channels smaller than my own as well - but if there's someone who could bring in a nice chunk of audience for the whole group, that would be fantastic all round.

I'm currently on 200 subs myself, and really trying to create a few series that people are going to enjoy this year - and a four-person group tackling heists - succeeding or cocking things up - could be a good draw for everyone.

I'm on PC, and based in the UK. Ideally I'm looking for a group that gets along well, has a good rapport, and (ideally) wants that sweet, multi-million payout in the Criminal Mastermind Challenge. My usual GTA Group plays a tonne of deathmatches, races and things as well, so there's room for even more content if you join in those sessions as well.

Who knows, this could be the start of a few collab series between us, or just some new gaming buddies!

If you're interested, comment below.
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