gta v

  1. B

    Gaming funny gta v group PC

    U want to join something epic? Well if u do just add me on discord (Px Bakarainic#7619) also got some other games too Have a decent mic dont really care about age actually upload! so see ya!
  2. B

    Gaming A group of MATES playing video games (PC)

    I'm looking for pc gamers who love having fun and laughing with some mates and i have over 300 subs, so i sort of know what im doing and be able to play regularly . I/we Play PubG, Fortnite, TF2, Stick Fight, War Face, Cards Against Humanity, Town Of Salem, Plague Inc, Paladins & GTA V and the...
  3. TheUnarmedPanda

    Gaming Forming a group of Gamers on Youtube!

    Hello, I am looking for other gaming channels to form a group with, Play games together and make YT content with. I am open to ideas for new games, but the games I play at the moment are stuff like GTA V/online, Rocket League, Fortnite and potentially more. If you would like to join this group...
  4. S

    Gaming Any one with a 360 collab

    Collab with any one with a 360 And a couple subs. If interested Skype: Skepticz 01 Discord: Skepticz #2347
  5. Sickotik

    Gaming New Youtubers for Neebs Gaming type channel

    I'm basically new to Youtubing. Been video editing for 12 years. Doing Sound Design for 6. A Musician for 27. I'm 34 years old and would like to start a channel like Neebs Gaming. Just need other people as serious about videography and youtube as I am. Especially people with senses of humor...
  6. Seige

    Gaming Youtube Collaboration

    Hello! I'm looking for serious YouTubers to start recording with me, I'm not fussed about subs just want someone who is willing to grow with me preferably from Australia so we are in the time zone. if you're interested please let me know i am also starting a small discord group so we can all...
  7. OfficialAuxiliary

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers; Microphone and Software required!

    If your looking for a professional, easy going YouTuber to play most PC video games with, then you are in luck. Examples: Call of Duty GTA V MMO Games and whatever is trending. Simply add me on Discord: Auxiliary#6757Forgot to add: Requirements: Microphone, Decent Spec Computer, Discord (Free...
  8. Jamethan

    Gaming Looking for Fun content creators to collab and create a group with!

    Hey guys, how you doing? great? that's good man, that's real good! looking to create a group of content creators to accelerate all of our channels. I'm a youtuber who has just started a 2 weeks ago but started taking it seriously 1 week ago. I have 14 subs and have a huge passion for getting...
  9. PotatoVillager

    Gaming Looking for Gaming YouTubers with a PC and Switch to collab with

    Hello, my name is Mihael And I have a channel with over 6K subscribers and I am looking for 3 people to collab with. I was thinking of collabing on PC games like: - Garry's mod (Prop Hunt, Guess Who), - GTA races and deathmatches, - Cards Against Humanity, - other games that we could play in the...

    GTA V Flaming Motov Cocktail Party (Montage)

    One of my latest gaming montages! Some pretty funny parts in this one. :)
  11. AM19Games

    Gaming Looking for friends to grow our channels and collaborate

    Hi everyone, I am new to YouTube / Gaming Channel and looking for people who might be interested in getting together and playing some awesome games while also recording them for YouTube. There are a few requirements that I'd prefer are met, but if they cannot all be met, that is perfectly...
  12. Z

    Gaming Looking for ps4 collab bo3, gta v modern warfare remastered, 100 subs

    looking for another gaming youtuber thats around 100 subs to collab with playing infinite ops 3, modern warfare remastered, plus some others. im 17 not really an age limit just asking to be around my sub level or more, my twitter is zombie393slayer and my psn is...
  13. KingPeanuts

    Gaming Looking for a collab on pc (ps 4 gta and infinite warfare only)

    Hey, im looking for someone to collab with. I mostly play on the pc. I live in Amsterdam. I play gta, bf1 and overwatch most of the time, but i have ark, cod bo3, cod iw and cs:go. I am 13 years old, i would like to record with someone around the same age with a descent mic and who can make and...
  14. TheDerp12


    I am 15 years old and from the US. I am looking for a group of other PS4 players ready to collaborate on videos. I am going to be starting up a channel I used to upload on a lot that has ~50 subs. I am interested in either creating a group of PS4 Gamers or joining a Gaming Group My Three Main...
  15. Balthazaar

    Botched: A (Badly Done) GTA V music Video

    This is a badly done music video from quite some time ago.It was done just after the Rockstar Editor hit the scene. I thought about scrapping this, but it's a piece of... history, if you will. The idea was sound. The execution... atrocious. Still, it is something that was fun to attempt. Thanks...
  16. RoninYen

    Gaming PS4 GTA COLLAB and Crew Tryouts For Skilled Shooters

    Yen's the name :) I run a music production channel and while doing that, I'm looking for GTA youtubers that bring entertainment to the table to make banging actual laugh out loud content. My channel has 300+ subs mainly from my music. The gaming side hasn't looked so hot when it comes to the...
  17. Ignite

    Gaming Looking for people to add to gaming group

    So I usually play with 2 other people but I would like to get more people to play with as not everyone is always online Looking for people on Xbox one who just want to have a laugh, can take a joke and doesn't take anything that seriously I mostly play Call of duty and GTA V but I also have...
  18. Creeforple

    Gaming Gaming Group PC/Xbox One

    Hey guys it's Creeforple here (Cree-for-pull) I am recruiting for a gaming group that i am in, We have been looking for new people for awhile but have been stumped for awhile, This will be a gaming group so we want people who will be active, A few of the guys including the originator of the...
  19. Arsh

    Voice Acting VO for GTA 5 Short

    I'm working on a GTA 5 short film. The visuals are all shot and edited. I just need a couple of people for voice acting. The total script is 3 pages long. And there are a combined total of less than 20 lines. Currently, I have uploaded it as an unlisted video using Text-to-Speech for the voice...
  20. F

    Gaming Need a Collab (PS4)

    Hey guys I'm starting a new channel, looking for some cool people to play with. Add me on PSN if you have GTA V or want to discuss anything: thenewkid101 :)
  21. Olija

    ROCKETS AWAY! | Hilarious GTA Online Gameplay!

    What is up guys, today I played to GTA Online alone today, I had a blast and I hope you guys enjoy the video :D
  22. iKingJace

    Gaming looking for people to do a ps4 collab

    requirements : decent mic over 15 subs over 13years old games well play xenoverse 2 gta 5 and black ops 3 Hi, I'm looking for people who'd like to collab on these games above and make both our channels even bigger. My psn:KingJaceT679 and my YT: iKingJace friend me and message me
  23. LM7 Gamer

    Gaming PS4 GTA V Gamers? 2-3 people

    Hi guys my name is LM7 and I am a small youtuber with 61 subscribers. I am 13 years old and am on ps4. I am planning to do a gta v race collaboration series with a group of youtubers around the same age as me and with 50+ subscribers. Requirements: 50+ subscribers PS4 Around the age of 13...
  24. NoCakeGamer

    Hey take a look at my Mod show case for gta and let me now what you think

  25. R

    Gaming i want to do a collab with someone.

    the mp games i own are: dying light (pc) miscreated(pc) payday 2(pc) battlefield 4(pc) the elder scrolls online(pc gta v (ps4) the last of us (ps4) metal gear solid 5 tpp (ps4) contact me if you wanna do a collab. yt channel name is RoFroGaming
  26. GreyGoneMad

    Gaming collaboration on PC

    looking for someone to collab with on PC! the games i'm thinking foremost to play in this collab is following: GTA 5 Gmod Rocket League scrap mecanic who's your daddy Dead by Daylight and more The Requirement i have is: Above 18+ Good English! decent computer Good microphone
  27. GreyGoneMad

    Gaming looking to start a Youtube Collaboration Group!? (PC)

    What's up! im looking for some people to start a collaboration group (on PC) with if everything works good! Right of now im still small youtuber but hopfully that will change. the games i'm thinking foremost to play in this collab is following: GTA 5 Gmod Rocket League scrap mecanic who's your...
  28. aclarkislost

    Gaming Looking for PS4 GTA V players to join established channel!

    Hey there! My name is Austin and I run a gaming channel called TheLoneFew that’s been gaining a bit of traction recently (nearly 11k subs) and we’re looking to find some people who want to join the cast and help out with shooting some of our videos. And by ‘help out’ I literally mean all that...
  29. M

    Gaming PS4 Gamer Wanted

    I have a lot of games (Rocket League, call of duty aw, sw battlefront, GTA V, BF Hardline, BF 4, and many others) If you want to add me on PlayStation it is ipodlover89. I am looking for a nice energetic person with good talking skills to make a video with. No facecam needed (I dont use one)...
  30. 42Blazing

    Gaming Dank Gta Ps4 Skits And Funny Moments!!

    Lol Looking for some cool people to play gta on ps4 with and do some skits and pretty much anything. So yeah. Skype:titanchaosgaming (yeah I know my skype name is bad) youtube:42Blazing